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October 05, 2005



I have.been.there.!! My profound condolences.
At least you have visions of Rhinebeck to console yourself.


Have you considered tieing the quilts?
Use embroidery floss and it goes quickly with those quilts already bound.
Love the Paris bag and your blog.
Good Luck!


Ohhhh, that sounds F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-N-G!


I know nothing about quilting, but I am hoping that your perfectionism is coming out again, and that it's not as bad as you say. Plus, little kids won't notice little imperfections, right?

Good luck with it, though!


i feel your pain! i can't even tell you how many sleeves i had sewn in backwards, ripped out and then repeated sewing them in backwards. sometimes the hardest thing is to know when to stop!


First, I love that Paris bag and would be ever so happy for a tutorial.

Second - waaaa! The only good thing I can say about the quilt is that when it is finally over it will be beautiful - I know it.

No need to reply - I know that you're out there and appreciate the comments!



I am completely with Julia on this one.
1. I love the bag and definitely would love a tutorial!
2. ARGH!!! Make sure you take plenty of pictures to remind your children as they age why you should be nominated for sainthood.
3. No need to reply here either - just post pics of that dastardly quilt once it's done!!


Other Julia

I have never made a quilt but am intimately familiar with the seam ripper. If you think it's an evil tool, think what your task would be like without it. I believe my seam ripper gets used more than my ginghers. I think if I lose it, I will just have to quit sewing. The bag is really adorable.


Sometimes you just gotta rant, and the blog is a great place to do that, I've found :).


I wish you godspeed ripping. Ugh. What a pain.


Well I inderstand that... A certain seam ripper became my best friend a few years back when I was sewing for the kids all the time...

I defintately would love a tutorial! I have a great sewing machine at home but I am not that good of a seamstress!!! I just can't do that right any longer.. lol


Ah, the dreaded seam ripper. The very reason I prefer to knit and frog or tink. Good luck! I know it will turn out lovely in the end.


In our house, we are well-acquainted with the seam ripper...it even has a name, Jack the Ripper. I loved your Paris bag! I'm sure the quilting problems will pass. I always screw up quilting no matter what. I was glad to get into knitting because it's so much easier to undo your work!

shawn b

honey you rant all you want! Kids will drive you batty along with ourselves pushing our own buttons with stress. you do way too much. i can only aspire to be you!


Years ago a friend and I invented the Mother Trophy. It was a virtual prize that passed from her house to mine, weekly,if not more often. Trip to the fabric store at the 11th hour the night before the Halloween parade? Check. Staying up way past one's bedtime to pick up 9th grade thespian at their first-ever cast party? Check. And so on. Note how the trophy goes hand in hand with unrealistic deadlines and sleep deprivation. Anyway,it is all yours this week,without a doubt!


For every perfect project (LOVE the bag!!!) there must be a project that kicks your ass. Cosmic balance and all that. You would think, though, that since roughly twice the number of my projects go bad than go good, others would have better luck...Chin up - it will be done soon!!


Yikes, you poor woman. A large glass of something and then put the quilt in a bag to show it the error of its ways until you get back. I have some patchwork that needs finishing but I have to play "hunt the blocks" around the house as people KEEP MOVING STUFF (can you hear the cry of pain there?), I need 64 blocks, I think I may have 63......

Enjoy your trip, do not think quilt, do not think quilt, do not...


Oh dear.....days like that are never fun. Why is it that we do not quit when we know we should? I did something very similar last week with River.

I would love to see your tutorial ;-)

Keep smiling!

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