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October 03, 2005



Lovely bag...nice chest(?), too!


gorgeous bag and that pic is just too cute!


Oh! I love your bag! and your girl looks so sweet...


I've had my eye on that Eiffel Tower fabric - it's a lovely way to remember a trip to Paris. Definitely a Paris chic bag. The photo (is that the same pink angel?)is priceless.


Man, I want to know how people can sleep like that. I'm so jealous of people who can sleep anywhere.

Bag: great! Make more of them!


she's so sweet. :) great bag!


The bag is beautiful. As is the kid. What great posture! I sorta remember being that flexible....and not appreciating it.


Wonderful sewing! It's really lovely. Don't we all wish we can sleep with abandon like your little girl there nowadays..:) Now that's a picture to cherish! :D


The bag is beautiful. My sewing machine hasn't been out of the corner in ages, but I have a feeling my skills aren't up to making myself a cool bag like that. Pat yourself on the back!

And--what a sweet picture of your daughter!


I LUUUUVVV that bag! I need to try my hand at making bags..I have so much fabric to use! Thanks for the hint about the batting..
ah, precious little girl..don't you love that mother knows best, but you quietly go on...


Your daughter is absolutely adorable!


Tres chic!

(And I love to see my girls asleep. So sweet, so amazingly flexible and unselfconcious!)


OMG I LOVE that bag... I need to learn to sew better..... I would love one of those! lol

Yet another thing to try and buy stuff for... stashes....


I love the tweed parts and I love anything Parisian, wonderful bag.


LOVE. IT. I love the tweed - where on earth did you find it?

shawn b

Okay, just too cool for words. I want that bag you talented woman. Can't believe how big that little girl is getting.

Siow Chin

My little one (2 yr), too, doesn't want to nap nowadays. I can understand what you mean by stopping in the track :D) Love you bag.


I LOVE, love, love the bag!! The fabric is perfect - and the label absolutely makes it. I HATE that there isn't a pattern - you are so like the amazing cook who tells you to just put a pinch of this and that and leave it on the stove for awhile. Sheesh! (Okay - jealous rant over with.) Really, it is beautiful. (Silent jealous semi-rant still going on.)


You bag is just gorgeous! Nice job!

aww! your daughter looks so sweet sleeping there :)


Love the bag! Love how the girl fell asleep. Amazing how they can sleep in the most uncomfortable looking positions.


May I ask where you bought the matterial? my daughter just got back from Paris and would LOVE something like this. thanks. V

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