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September 02, 2005



I've been like you with the swatch knitting...I just hate doing it! but I need to learn to just do it the right way :)


I like what you're doing with the swatching, very smart! Also, some of the yarn in your stash is really great looking -something tweedy blue caught my eye definitely.
The bags that Emily is showing are really cute. I wish you'd sell a few of the bags you've made. They're really great looking - especially inspiring as knitting bags to be.


I LOVE Diana Gabaldon....Oh, seeing your book there just brings me back. I wish she'd add another book to the series!


I hear tell that you can get the inserts at places like AC Moore.

Emily looks great. Love the smile.


Love the bags, Nancy and Emily looks so proud. I am so impressed with your swatch project - can you come east and do mine, too? ;)


I LOVE the bags......and bubble tea sounds very interesting!!


I really should discipline myself to your gauge strategy. I'm sure it would save a lot of grief. Thanks for the link to Kepler- very pretty.


the swatches look wonderful and the bags too...lovely on the 'model'...love the shoes too.


the outlander series is wonderful, but the last book, the fiery cross is a bit slow going.


Tell Emmy I must know where she got those shoes! They are to DIE for!! :) I LOVE those bags!!!! I started hinting to the man and I think I am now getting a sewing machine either for my bday (Oct) or Christmas. (MUCH to do with your influence, BTW... I got so inspired by all your patterns and your willingness to go for it that I thought, why not??)


Oh man, my swatching is spotty, at best. A lot of the times I just start with a sleeve and use that as a swatch. So - what are your thoughts on swatches pre and post-wash? Do you always wash before you go ahead with the project?


Your post really put a finger on what I have been feeling lately since my usual fast and furious knitting has slowed to a virtual halt since the hurricane. Emotion is such a part of creativity it is obvious that crafted items can hold a residual feeling. Oh, and I love your bags!


So organized with the swatching - I am very impressed! The bags came out perfectly!!


the bags are GOR-geous!! I want one!! I'd want one of the little girls, too -- but I think I'm on my way with that one and besides, I hear they're one of a kind! ;)
I hear ya on the Hurricaine Katrina sweater. Your swatches are VERY professional!! Am deeply impressed.

Amanda (daughter)

I don't care for swatching but I hate ripping out rows EVEN more! Looking at all of your finished swatches makes me think of starting a knitting scrapbook. Putting the pattern used, a bit of yarn(s), a swatch, yarn label(s), a finished picture and the story behind it. So years down the road, I can look back and say: yeah I knit that! Your bags, all of the bags that you have shown on your blog are beautiful! I love the colors! And the shapes of the bags are really cool too! Very inspiring!


aww, crudmuffins, sorry about that! right next to my name said daughter. My mother, and My sister both have typepad blogs. And silly me told the computer to save my personal info. yeah, I think its time for me to go to bed...


I am guilty of bad swatching as well :( I think your post has inspired me to do better! LOL!! I love the bags as well!! They are great! Oh and by the way, Diana Gabladon is coming out with a new book in the series this month!! I can hardly wait!

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