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September 28, 2005



Maybe it's not a sweet, helping expression, but a lovely one it is!

Teresa C

I love that expression! It says so much more than a simple smile. Of course, what it says may not be something a mom wants to look at all day......

I have been dying to see that KSH in person. I was thinking it might make a nice Butterfly camisole, but wondered if the dying would take away from the lace or make it too busy for my small frame. Something to think about. My luck there would be this awful pooling, so I suppose I would have to work off two skeins. Oh well, luckily I have plenty to keep me busy whilst I give it a good thought.


wow! yarn porn, indeed! All of, so luscious! you have some great projects in the works :)


oh wow, ur river looks wonderful. Lots of goodies :) And your little girl is just adorable.


Fabulous wool porn! Not even sure where to start. River is gorgeous (add that to my wannado list). You've been busy as usual :)

I can see imp written all over that picture! She's beautiful regardless. Love the wings.


N ~ I'm loving that KSH River ~ and the fabrics I just ordered, thanks to your tip about Cia's Palette! Happy travels ~


That little chick looks angelic, I love your choice of all the yarns and that sock is divine - I have some really bright autumnal Noro that is about the same weight waiting to be knit up into a pair of socks. I agree with your comments about people who craft - nearly everyone has time to share stories and comments which is half the joy of the different past times.


So many lovely things, lace, yarn, fabric, but the loveliest if your little pink angel.


Yes, your stash is gorgeous! I never noticed you had a stash gallery until I read of it in KR. I enjoy knitters' pics of their stash, esp. yours - which are really nice compositions. But really, like your other fans here - my heart melts when I see absolutely children (llike yours!!!)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots!


Your yarns are yummy! Your knitting is awesome! I love the lace, someday I'll have to try that. Your projects abound! Your angel is beautiful. Enjoy the sun! Here in New England (Western Massachusetts) there is very little of it. Looks like it will be in the high 30's. Good temps to snuggle with some nice yarn. Love your blog! Your Imp (Angel) is precious!


I've been looking at CTH patterns and just stumbled accross your blog. WOW. You've just inspired me to knit and knit and knit. (The patchwork fabric stash will have to be on hold for another couple of months.) I need to know if you have abandoned Rocktorp? I see the swatch is still in the basket ....


mmmmmmm... what a tempting display of yarn. Do I really need to work today? Maybe I'll just go buy some yarn and knit all day. And ended with such a cute portrait!


Oh - that Emily is gorgoeus! And all the yarn...I love the way you post Nancy...save it all up so we can salivate over so much beauty. I'm a bit jealous of your River, it looks great!
BTW - thanks for the link. ;)


Thanks for more yarn porn : ) That spray looks awesome! I may have to get some...... yes... I may just do that.

My great aunt and I saw that thing about the shopping bags and we wondered where we could get all those different colors of bags.. All the ones we ever get are white or walmart blue..

I guess we don't shop enough.. lol Looks like a fun project though.


That KSS is really working up nicely for River!


Are we living parallel lives? I just finished my Cashsoft Deli and bought that very same Kidsilk Spray colour. I think I might do the lacy poncho from Wrapstyle instread of River, though.
Thanks for the Denim swatch-off- very useful information.


She has got to be the most angelic butterfly ever. What a fabulous photo!


Your photos are so beautiful. Understanding light is such a gift and you surely have it! River looks lucious.I'll be heading to Rhinebeck along with some other knitting lovelies from the blog world and my knitting group. Did you know there is a "Rhinebeck Ring"?


I've been checking in on your blog here and there :) You're doing an awesome job, both knitting and sewing! It looks like you have some great fabrics with which to make christmas gifts with! Hopefully I run into you again!!! Glad you like the Denise needles!

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