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July 10, 2005



Clapotis in Suede is lovely and the color is so pretty on you! I can totally relate to the kids fighting (that was what you were referring to right???) mine have been crazy too. Good to hear from you :)


That is just beautiful. The color looks great on you and I like the idea of a Claponcho.
Very nice.


That looks so cool! I esp. love the suede in the dropped stitches...


That looks STUNNING on you...the blue is so great with the black, and the whole out fit great with your hair and skin. I love the simple, elegant look.


so lovely! looks beautiful on you :) can't wait to make one myself...


I used the Berroco Suede (in a dark tan color) to make a poncho, and I loved how it turned out. Looks like your Clap Poncho is great too! Don't you love the texture of the yarn?


looks great! I am drawn to that pattern to. I mean, I've made two and am probably going to make another one this fall :). It's a good one to knit when your stresed, I think. I don't know why, though.

Jen M

What a fantastic idea! The many permutations of the Clapotis never cease to amaze me.


It's gorgeous; great job! I'm looking forward to seeing the back seaming. I like the suble variegation in the yarn too.

Teresa C

That is my favorite Clapotis yet! Maybe it's the color..... Really, it looks great on you. And the yarn twists like.....goodness :).


Pretty knitting, I think I may just be the only person who hasn't knitted a Clapotis.


I'm with Teresa C.; that is by far the nicest Clapotis I have seen! Very sophisticated.


This must be your third Clapotis? I am almost finished wtih my first in Silky Wool and I am already planning the next.
The drape of the tape yarn is wonderful. It looks fantastic on you! Why not call it the Clapotis Wrap? Say it quickly a few times and it sounds like a tap dance. :-)


That clapotis is beautiful and looks so very good on you! Silly non-knitting photographer. Thanks so much for the %. You do so know how I love numbers! :) I do appreciate it and with that number know that I'll never attempt said version of the clapotis :) I have to admit that I just went to Webs to get a needle and wasn't able to "leave" without adding some yarn to my cart, also for Clapotis, Artyarns Supermerino (isn't that what you used for your first?) in color 124. Buying new needles is dangerous!

Looking forward to your visit to NY and my yarn cluttered domecile in October.


I've seen several poncho patterns that just had the one point like that. I think you're fine to call it a poncho, esp. since it looks way more like a poncho than a cape.
That color is awesome on you too!


That looks lovely! I was tempted to buy that yarn to knit a sweater, but it was going to cost me over $150! I also decided it would cost me my sanity, trying to keep it flat. ;)


Love the colinette wrap, the colors are very pretty. Also, a smile is the best accessory and you have a lovely smile :)

the country girl

LOVE your clapotis. It's beautiful. I have been wondering how this would knit with tape yarn myself. I have a batch of reclaimed black tape yarn that I've been tempted to use for one. THanks for the wonderful notes and photos!


That is beautiful! A great color on you. I'm still scheming on how I can see Stephanie. Seattle is out. I'll be in Portland this weekend...too early! I just found out that she'll be in Calgary (ONLY 5 hours away, even if it IS in another country), on August 9th, only 4 days before my sister-in-law's wedding. That's cutting things a little close, but there might be babysitters in town. Hmmm...


I LOVE it!!! Gorgeous! I just bought some Berroco Suede in the blue as well. Am hoping to make the 4 corners shawl from Knitter's mag. But that Clapotis looks so nice in it... oooch I'm torn!


Hi - Just found your blog recently and thought I'd say hello and let you know I think your claponcho is fabulous! It really looks great on you!


Getting ready to start my 4 corners shawl. Pattern calls for size 10's -- I should probably do it on 8's and add a 7 stitch repeat, but I don't think I'll have enough yarn if I do that -- I only bought 3 balls. Hmm... Do you think using 10's will look bad? It's really mostly holes and ladders. Will ABSOLUTELY take your tips on keeping the yarn from twisting. It does twist like a... bear. :)

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