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June 21, 2005



Looking forward to watching the progress...I love the colors, on your mark, get set, go knit!!! Take care.


Just keep telling yourself, "I think I can, I think I can!"

Teresa C

I think you need a battle cry! I will be watching, and have set some lofty goals for myself for this summer. I will comment here to encourage you, promise! BTW-You can't go wrong with Kidsilk Haze or Koigu.


All I can say is RACE ON! What a plan! Crickey. I just had my first ever night away from my daughter, two of them in fact. Quite a strange experience wonderful and sad all at once. Having done it gives me hope that we might one day get a night alone together without DD but 3 of them - WOW! Definitely worth finishing more than one knit for!


I could do with some #1. Even just a tad. :)


You go, girlfriend! See you on the other side... :)


Sounds like a plan! Certainly sounds like a great way to spend the big birthday. Good luck soldier, I'm confident you can win those battles. I look forward to seeing your progress and FO's.


Lucky you! have a fantastic time in Portland! I love it there..so beautiful. Enjoy all of that knitting, too :)


They are all so beautiful, I can't beleive you have coordinating skirts for all your yarn. I don't know how you are going to pick, but please, something that can realistically be finished in 38 days. Good luck, we'll just watch.


I have been reading your blog and find it terrific. I'm inspired to get more photos on my blog.

I have been there with children - you can't wait to get some "only me" time [I'll sleep late; I'll cook with wine again, not whine; I'll remember what it's like to have a love life or social life...]- simply to find that you can't sleep because you can't hear them breathing in their sleep in their rooms, and you don't want to eat because you only remember how to make boxed mac 'n cheese - not the fancy souffle' you swore you'd make just for grownups when you were kidless!

My DD was gone for 2 weeks and I made it to the Wednesday before she came home on Saturday. Wednesday I mooned around all day! I Missed her! The silly kid, never been away from home before and turns 12 while she's gone. My, Oh, My.

Your stash makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER. I'll take pics of mine this weekend and see if I can post them to my blog. It won't be nearly as pretty as yours, but I know there's a least one other woman out there with as much yarn as I have. No competition, just fact and relief to see I'm not alone and odd{even with 3 cats} ;)

I also happen to adore orchids too. I had 5 of my own two years ago that I had to abandon when I moved. I mourned them almost as much as I mourned losing my dad's house. I got one as a gift for some holiday and then collected the rest from clearance sales, $5.00 each (!)[you know the ones I mean -dying in the sale basket in the doorway) at the grocery store. I had a white Phalenposis that bloomed in my dark cold bedroom when I was gone for two weeks. What a delight to come home to. I never expected them to survive in hot, dry, sunny New Mexico, but once I quit watering them more than once every two weeks, moved them away from my west window(actually against the west wall next to the window, next to my night stand - significant because I smoke and they seemed to do better there!)they were thriving and healthy and deep green and ready to bloom again.

I'm now ready to start collecting my $5.00 finds again. :) The small darker-spotted-bloomed orchids I found at my local Home Depot were so fragrant, I want to try growing that kind this time around. When you're in your local HD, check them out. I was amazed that orchids had any fragrance.

Thanks for the inspiration and fun. Blessings and best wishes.


Hope you enjoy your vacation Nancy - it sounds like a perfect getaway! Sanity is far more important than commenting on knit blogs - there's a point where it becomes stressful to try to keep up with them all - certainly takes away from the fun. You are definitely one of my favorites though - I will stop by regardless of whether you answer my comments or not. I'm not that easy to get rid of. ;-) By the way, that cashmere from a couple of posts back (I'm a little behind) - gorgeous! It is perfect for ClapIII.


Best of luck! I'm trying to figure out how I can be at my FAVORITE yarn store, Weaving Works, in Seattle when Stephanie reads there on August 4th(?), pawning our boys off on my parents for the evening, and then be back here in Montana a couple days later for a family wedding, where I would love to be wearing a Flower Basket shawl or new shrug of some sort. Hmmm. You are inspiring me. I pulled the barely started shawl out of my stash just today.....

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