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June 18, 2005



A comment on your comment comments! I try to respond to my own comments, too, unless....somebody hasn't given me their e-mail address. I don't think I'm obligated to hunt down who they are in order to respond back. Maybe I'm just being selfish. But that's how I feel. And I must admit, sometimes I don't respond because their comment is self-contained and I don't have anything to say back. (By the way, I found your blog through the Clapotis knit-along Yahoo group. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of the process and the finished product.)


I love your blog and always check for updates. I don't always comment, but when I do I don't expect a reply. It's always a treat when you do though. When people leave comments on my blog, I always try to reply if it's something to reply to, although I don't get very many to begin with!

By the way, your shawls look great, and I love the color of Deli.


What lovely shawls!


I have troubles keeping up, and a lot of the time I end up just skimming many of the blogs. If I notice myself skimming someone more than reading them, I delete them. I'm not sure that I'm a 'big enough' blogger for anyone to notice if they are on my bloglines or not anyway. :)


Something I do when adding a new knitting blog to bloglines is mark it private until I have decided whether to keep reading it, that way no-one gets hurt by appearing and disappearing from my bloglines list. Reading your post made me realise that I have been a bit vague about marking the stayers public though. So I just reorganised my bloglines folders so that I can add new blogs to a seperate folder and then unsubscribe or move them to my blogroll folder once I know if I really like the blog a lot. As you say, all the knit bloggers seem to be such nice people but some blogs just gel more with where I am at with knitting than others and I am struggling to keep up with my daily reading as it is.


I liked and agreed with much what you said about blog comments. I rarely leave comments on the blogs I read but it's because I don't think I usually have anything productive to add. Knowing that I enjoy comments, I should probably not talk myself out of leaving them for others.

I always enjoy your entries - and your honest thoughts about comments and bloglines listing today was refreshing.


I really enjoy your blog, no need to reply to my comments. I'm a very new (in the last 3 months) blogger and my blog is relatively simple. I like that is forces me to keep a record of somesort of my knitting and the icing on the cake is that I've met some really neat knitters. You're right, there are amazing blogs out there, but I'm afraid mine may never be one of them. Oh well...such is life. Take care.


I recently pared down my bloglines list because, like you, I was reading blogs because of the knitter--not the blog.

Anywho--I loved that "mystery shawl" shot.

Teresa C

I envy your Pi shawl. Must start one soon. Yeah, add it to the list.

There is so much work to keeping a blog, and keeping up blog relationships. As if life wasn't busy enough, we add this, which for me has been so enriching. To be out here knitting in a vacuum, no one in "real" life understanding why I knit socks or hoard wool or pick up size 0 needles for anything was okay, but having an online community that gets it has really added to my knitting life (and stash and project list.....). I try to comment when I can, but sometimes I am catching up in a hurry and just don't have the time. I have really appreciated the comments you have left on my blog, and have added you to my *must read* file on my bloglines. I have set up folders. One is a must read folder of people that I am friends with or really enjoy the blog. I have a *checking it out* folder where I add new blogs to remember to go back and see if I like them. Then I have a file for blogs that I will try to catch up on when I have more time. As you can imagine, I usually have 1000+ new feeds, I think it might be time to cut some of these out. I have kept my list private and taken links off of my blog because the time needed to keep them up is overwhelming. I am into this it enhance my knitting life, not become a computer nerd. (Though I really wish I knew more about setting up pages and using html etc.)

The main thing is-I have given alot of thought to why I blog. I won't lie and say I do it *just for me* and that I don't care if anyone reads, because I love that people read and follow what I am doing, but to get people to your site you need to put the time in, going around and commenting, hosting knit alongs, responding to comments...... Then I wonder how much more knitting I could be getting done. I have made some great connections in the cyber world and am happy that there are knitters that get something from my blog or my knitting or expertise. (I have to say, I have always considered myself an expert knitter, but always thought I was sort of a rarity, I didn't know many that knit as much or as difficultly as I do-but the blogging world has brought me together with so many equally talented and wonderful knitters. It is humbling and enlightening all at the same time.) The whole social etiquette behind blogging and commenting, ugh! I am not great with the social graces in *real* life. Add this and I am sure to lose friends. Anyway, my two cents (which isn't even worth that much), and don't feel like you have to respond. Go knit.:)


Love your Shawls and Deli. And I'm a regular reader of your blog. I leave a comment here and there and when they are responded too, well, that's just fun, but if not, I don't take it personally. Usually if I don't have time to respond to all who leave a nice remark, I mention a thank you in my next post. I think it should be a casual, relaxed thing and I agree with all that you said.


I have a rather lengthy list of blogs that I enjoy with my morning coffee, yours included. Seeing what other knitters are doing is inspirational and the heads-up to mistakes in patterns,or a new, must-try yarn can be very helpful. I rarely comment and don't expect a reply and I suspect that there are many readers like myself.


oh, oh! i read your blog, i'm still here! pretty snowdrop shawl...adore the autumnal colours.


Firstly, the shawls are beautiful. I know how long those rows in the outer band of Pi seem to take absolutely forever to complete. Keep at it. Your alternate lace is downright beautiful.

I couldn't agree more with what you wrote about comments. I try to respond to all comments that I've received. I too regularly leave comments in a few places, not unlike a dog out for the standard walk around the block, but then as the mood/post strikes me. I've never really expected replies to my commments but do enjoy getting that feedback as well.


The whole interactiveness of blogging opens up a can of worms, doesn't it? I do most of my blog-type activities on Livejournal, where people are very easily offended if they're removed from one's friends list, and also offended if they don't get comments. One thing that's a major turn-off for me is hearing people whining about how they don't get comments. Comments are not validation, people! Comments do not mean you're a worthy person!

Of course, I love getting comments in my blog, but I'm awful about responding to them. If they're questions, I try. The Haloscan thing I use is a little unwieldy, comments-wise. I don't get email notifications and the Outlook Express email I use isn't the one I check regularly so I have to copy and paste into my gmail and it's just a lot of work to say "Hey, got your comment."

But, y'know, I totally agree with all you said above (the spirit of it, at least). I just wish it wasn't necessary to pacify people in regards to such things.

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