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June 13, 2005



Holy cow, you're photographs are just getting really stunning! What camera are you using and please don't tell me about your professional photographic career. I need something to hold on to. I keep thinking a new camera is all I need.


I've just finished "wavy pattern scarf" from the VK spring/summer '05 using some of Axelle's Estelle in colorway Cornish Pixie. It's "everything". Cherish every minute of the process - it's over too quickly. I've still got my scraps sitting on the table by my knitting chair - can't bring myself to throw them out. I just pick them up from time to time and pet them. We're bracing for the hottest week thus far for the summer here in Eastern NC (97 on Friday)so I've not had a chance to wear it outside, but I do put it on in the house ocassionally (AC is working great!). Enjoy!!


so much gorgeous yarn! I am so enjoying the Jo Sharp Ultra I working with at the moment, it is so nice to knit with and I wear my JS tweed vest all the time so I can just imagine how much fun you are going to have with that yarn! And such beautiful photographs.


oh that yarn is gorgeous! i'll be back to drool over those pictures again. wow!


The Estelle literally took my breath away! It's stunning. I'm off to that site when I get done here. I love the blog world...I have a couple of friends that knit but I know no one in my city yet that knits and has a blog, so I'm alone and feel very close to the small blog group I've slowly built. I can't say enough good about. Your pictures are great!!! Take care.


*Drooling* at your beautiful stash enhancements. Wow. Wow!


Your yarn photos are yummy! :)

la chica alta

Holy smokes! Your orchids are goooooooooorgeous! The one on the right...Is that a brassia or a brassia cross? An aliceara? Gosh, I used to know these things! And the one on the left is lovely also! What kind is that one? Sorry for the questions. Lucky you with the blooming orchids!

And the yarn...had me at hello! I love the color of the first yarn pic! That would be an ideal color for a project I want to knit.
Gosh, knitting and orchids...I'm so jealous! :)


Now those are some gorgeous stash enhancements! I think you put your finger on the reason why I sit and take pictures of half knitted items next to me on the train seat. I do get odd looks from folk nearby as the flash goes off and I question why I do it myself. You have the answer. Because someone does understand! Cool on the meetup. Nice aren't they? Those flowers are stunning.


Beautiful photos, Nancy. Doesn't all that yarn look yummy!


How cool to meet a new friend! You so rock girlie. Love all the yarn colors. One of these days I'll do more than the cable stitch with crocheting. LOL So tell me how to deal with these orchids!? I rec'vd one awhile back and I'm not sure what to do. I know NOT to over water it and put in semi-sunny spot but not too much. Other than that..WHAT?


What a beautiful post from the gorgeous yarn colors to the breathtaking orchids. I too love orchids. Unfortunately I can not get mine to rebloom.


Dear Nancy,

I enjoy your blog tremendously - have I actually told you that? But now I have to comment based on the fact that you have a crochet project in your stash . It is lovely and I am amazed that you would pick something that looks so HARD for your first project. I am still taking little tiny baby steps in this new world of hook and fiber. Not sure if I will ever progress beyond the very simplest projects but I continue to perservere.

I just like looking at the pictures of your yarn stash - I'm not good enough yet to warrant spending that kind of money on yarn so I live vicariously via your purchases. Right now, I have very little talent/experience at picking out the right yarn so I try to learn things from your choices.

As always, in all things artistic, you continue to be an inspiration.


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