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June 08, 2005


la chica alta

I love it! Knitting and gardening in one entry. The curvy pot is gorgeous and so are the succulents! I just started growing a few myself. Gosh the yarn is pretty and so are the pics! Oh yeah, is that foxglove?


Ha! That's so funny, because some of my friends have been wondering if I was "okay"! So much knitting, so little time...


how cute that your mom checks your knitting blog :). Sorry to hear about your back pain! gardening does that to me, too. That's probably why I kind of just let my garden go.

I'm really enjoying your PI progress. It's kind of gearing me up for some lace projects that I want to do this summer. I'm a total lace newbie.


Loved your post, loved the gardening and the knitting in the flowers picture. I can totally relate to the kids off for the summer and time alone. I find as I get older, peaceful time is more cherished...I love my kids dearly, but if I don't get a little time to knit or of peace each day...watch out :) Take care....I wish my mom checked my blog or if she does she doesn't comment...oh well :)


Missed your postings woman!
As usual LOVE your knitting wonders. You so rock. Adorable photos of Rachel. Love the potted plants too. I was dabbling a lot early on but the heat has hit and I'm in the pool or AC more often than not.
I'm a lazy mom...so no worries on the mom front with me. Chin up...the summer will FLY by. Always does.


I love your opening conversation. That is too funny. My mom reads my blog but apparently nowhere near as regular as yours. Could help that I see my mom 5 out of 7 days. The flowers are beautiful and I love that curvy pot. I do like the different. Sorry about the back, I hope you recover quickly.

The pattern you found for the outerband on pi is stunning. Your search criteria were dead on matches of what I used to find a different border. I can't wait to see the final results. Its is beautiful.

I was completely surprised to find that I'm an "Autumn". I had fallen into the safety colors as well, black & white, which really aren't good colors for me. Well maybe white, but definitely not black. I'm going to have some fun discovering what I really do like. Heck I've always loved fall leaves colors so I'm going to use them as my guide. Glad I could inadvertantly point you towards examining your own.

As for lamenting the end of school? I can't say as I blame you. I positively skip to work on some mondays and I had only spent a weekend with the twins. I hear you loud and clear. Being mommy is hard work and you deserve a break!


Actually, now that my kids are 17 & 12, they stay at home by themselves in the summer sleeping, eating, and growing. My son grew at least 1/2 inch since school was out in May.!

I can leave my house at 6:15 in the morning and get to work at 6:30 if I want to! I don't have to drop DS off at school at 7:15 :-)

Or I can get up at 4:00 or 5:00AM (thank you, black kitty who doesn't get daylight savings AT ALL) and knit till 7:00 and still get to work on time(before 7:30).


I hear you on the YMCA! It's a sanity-saver in the summer, eh? I hope you and your girlies are having a good summer!

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