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June 24, 2005


Teresa C

What a way to start off! It is really lovely. And to have the Koigu around the corner, well, what could be better. One down.......


I just have to say, the shawl is fantastic! Love it love it love it..:)


Oooh, that's a lovely wrap.


Love the wrap!


gorgeous wrap! i will email you the rest of my comment as it is just too silly to put here!


The wrap is gorgeous! I've been eyeing that colorway for a long while. It looks great with that outfit!
As always, loving the flowers.


Fancy, indeed! I love it!


So, so pretty - it looks great on you!


Actually, that's a very nice photo! I'm very impressed with it (I've worked in the photo industry for many moons and have seen some professional photos that don't even look this good)


Wow, that Colinette wrap is gorgeous! I can see why you're so thrilled!


yay! I found you again! I don't know how I lost your site but I did! I google'd 'summer tweed cozy' and here you are.


One down. Nicely done too! Beautiful and it looks gorgeous on you. Thanks once again for the lovely eye candy of pretty knitting and beautiful flowers.


Such beauty! I love the colors in both the wrap and the Koigu.


That wrap is just gorgeous on you! What a lovely drape it has. I think I'll go see if I spy any low hanging fruit at my house.

la chica alta

Lovely! (Of course, loving the fountain and the hanging baskets!)


The wrap is gorgeous...the colors couldn't be better. Isn't it great how that outfit came together, too?!


That is quite a sweet wrap.


That's a lovely one, Nancy! And i think the Koigu will be spectacular. I almost bought _A Gathering of Lace_ in my last KnitPicks order, but resisted and now I'm sorry!


stunning! and the colors are so flattering on you!

solange cristiny

Muito bonito, maravilhoso seu xale!! achei fantástico, pena que não entendo o inglês para poder fazer um igual, aqui no Brasil adoramos tricô. Beijos, Solange


The Colinette wrap looks very lovely and complimenting. Hmm, I might make a variation of it... if I may. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


The wrap is fantastic! You have totally inspired me today!


The colinette wrap is gorgeous - you really know how to pull off a wrap/scarf. Some people look very elegant wearing a wrap and you are definitely one of them. Nice job...


Absolutely fabulous! This caramel colourway just sets off your skin tone so well, perfect match!


Your wrap is just lovely and looks fabulous on you!

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