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May 13, 2005



I'm looking forward to watching your progress on your PI shawl. I've been wanting to make one for years, but haven't becuase I don't have the room to block it :). It looks really lovely so far..love those colors.


Thank you for the review of the Cashcotton. That is a gorgeous color and I look forward to seeing the finished item. Having switched to nylon needles for the Handknit Cotton, I can really appreciate what you're saying regarding using the Inox's for this yarn. It speaks volumns to my sore hands.

That sweater is beautiful and I can't blame you for being anxious to get it on her.

Speaking of gorgeous, that Pi really is. That yarn is spectacular and I look forward to seeing your progress.

Nifty link to the map. I've just spent some time playing there myself. I need to do the southeast and the northwest. The rest was covered.

Teresa C

I have been dying to get my hands on the new Rowan yarns and so far I haven't found them at my lyss. The pattern support for them is awesome. I think the sweater I want to knit is with the Cashsoft, the lighter weight. I hope I run across some soon.

Emily is so cute. She should really be blog decoration more often!


Your Pi Shawl is looking really good. I love the colors in the yarn.


Right, there's another one to go onto my Upcoming Projects List -- that "Treebark" color is really beautiful. It looks especially lovely on the rocks in your garden -- great photo!


I'm not sure where to start...I just knit a hat with the Cashcotton and you're right it is yummy...it doesn't even feel like cotton! Emily is adorable and so is the sweater. Looking forward to your progresson the Pi shawl...I'm off to the link now to learn more. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful photos of Emily. The sweater is just gorgeous and lovin' that color. You need to come to FL and teach me how to use my fingers in such nimble ways. And you've still traveled a lot more places than I have that's for sure. My list of where to's is very long! Glad to see you posting.


That cashcotton is making me drool...what a gorgeous color and I love the hazy finish - makes it look so cozy. Emily is so cute in her sweater! And looks ever so pleased...


Oooh, I love the sweater - it's so great! And how cute that you made it so long ago. She is one lucky girl!


So much to comment on in this post. The Pi shawl yarn is amazing with the color changes it makes. You did a great job of photography. Emily is darling in that sweater and it's great when a knit can be worn for several years. It really doesn't look too big.
I've been so tempted by the CashCotton at my LYS...I'm trying to stay away for while.


she looks adorable in that beautiful sweater and that pi shawl is amazing!

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