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May 25, 2005



feel for you girl!.....some of our offspring can be sooo anal about stuff. Carleigh is soooo perfect about some stuff...other crap she could care less about...argh! Drew is just lax about most stuff in general. Think I'm gonna look into that book...sounds interesting.
Have a glass of wine, knit and relax!


I enjoyed your post...the felted bag is lovely and so is the Helen's Lace...I've been toying with 'finding' some of that too. And as far as the perfectionist child...I have a 9 year-old girl with whom I've had similar experiences as yours...Hang in there...I like Shawn's suggestions --wine, knit, relax...

la chica alta

Thanks for the quote about the pancake people. It is so true. Nice knitting...over 500 stitches...wow.


You have probably heard of this one... but just in case - to get people out of a rut, or those unable to produce.... challenge them to make something really ugly.


Your thoughts are plenty well expressed. The particular angst you are describing is stretched and formless anyway.
I love the Edge. I go there sometimes when my head feels stupid and I need an idea wake up call.


Your pi is really going to be spectacular. I'm looking forward to seeing what personalization you're going to add to it.

That lorna's lace yarn is simply gorgeous. I've fondled a bit of it at Purl recently but so far have been able to withstand its siren song. The huge stash of laceweight already at home probably has something to do with that :)

Sorry about the frustration. My youngest sister was also a perfectionist in that same mold. She never brought any "art" home from school because it never matched the ideal vision she had in her head and tossed the result. I wish you luck and patience in this task. Oh yes, wine and yarn too.


I love the "pancake people" quote. That pretty much describes me accurately :). I need to learn how to focus.

I love your pi shawl! those colors are gorgeous!


Your Pi shawl is lovely! I love the colorway of the Joslyn's yarn. What size needles are you using?


I've been wanting to order the treebark colorway for eons but can't figure out what color it really is. Your colors look completely different than the colors on their website. And the small sample I have looks different from both of those. Can you tell me in words what colors you think treebark is???


Isn't it ironic that the joys and wonders of knitting blogs can actually contribute to this "pancake-ness"? I find my own thoughts and aspirations stretched more and more thinly the more that I read, and yet I don't want to stop. I'm spending more time reading archives lately than knitting.

My own five-year-old is in a similar phase. You should see the sock she made -- colored in stripes, cut out in a wonderful Seussian shape, all from her own imagination, as I have never yet knitted a sock. Yet sometimes she will refuse to try a new project for fear that she "can't do it." I always thought I was a patient person, but it's amazing how frustrating for me this can be.

And your Pi is looking lovelier than before. I wish you many happy, meditative, and restorative hours creating it!


How many of us have that child either in us or living with us who wants so badly for the result to be perfect, that we can't even start. The battles are getting less in our house, but at 10 and 13 and 45 they can be ferocious. For some reason we need to achieve tears to get the release to be able to just do it. I only wish I had learned to do it at 7, not in college when I didn't hand in a paper on time for an entire term, always exactly a week late, cuz I couldn't just START.


I can relate both to your information overload thoughts and to your daughter's paralysis of perfectionism... I pretty much do what she's doing at the start of every new design project, unfortunately. It's so painful.

Last summer my elder stepdaughter gently suggested that her dad and I read an article in her healthy living magazine. It was all about how information overload can contribute to feelings of overwhem, even depression. There's always more out there to read and learn. I need to dig it up and review again. I've been trying to slowly weed email newsletters out of my inbox, but then I'll go subscribe to 5 more blogs. Too much!


My 8 year old has similar angst. It was worse in First Grade though. She would sit there writing her letters and erasing them for some invisible imperfection over and over. Her second grade teacher has really helped her and now she just lets fly much more often. Still takes forever on the longer creative projects, which begin to feel like the Sistine Chapel after a while.

For written work though, it really helped when she got the concept of 'drafts' and 'revisions'. I.e., the draft is where you just get it all on the page, and the revisions are where you tidy everything up. Wish I could get that concept myself.

xoxo Kay

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