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May 27, 2005


Teresa C

You feel redeemed, eh? I always pat myself on the back for my cleverness while simultaneously smacking myself on the head for making the mistake in the first place. Your knitting looks beautiful.

Have fun raising the perfectionist. I am a terrible perfectionist and even I would be begging my one daughter to finish, it is GOOD ENOUGH!! Better than ANYONE ELSE'S! Relax! It is an experience that is for sure. The trick is to help them balance so that they have something that they don't feel they always have to be "on". I'm not sure we did with my daughter, but I think finally progress has been made. Her second semester grades came and she had a *B*! Normally that would have brought tears and days of brooding. This time she was pretty happy. She said that was a really hard class and was proud of all the other *As*. Whew. Dodged a bullet on that one!


WOW! I am so impressed that you were patient enough to fix it. Amazing!

la chica alta

Glad that you fixed the error! I so don't know how to fix all of my errors yet. Soon...soon! Happy knitting!

Oh yeah...I like the Birkies too!


I'm sorry, I must admit I had a giggle there. I giggle in recognition of the foolhardiness in continuing to be so engrossed by the needles that we ignore other calls and the messages that the work is giving us. Cool fix though!

Love them birkies. Was never so happy as to discover that they are the most comfortable shoes I own and can actually stand up and be comfy for not only the commute to/fro work but also a day spent at a fiber festival!


I love the alien skateboard story! And I am so sorry about the mess up - I often think that if I ever develop a UTI (urinary tract infection), I will definitely be able to blame it on the knitting!


Very good job with the fix - I'm impressed. I'm pretty good with unknitting but tinking down rows can be dangerous for me. I should probably practise it on a swatch so that I don't have so much angst over fixing mistakes on "real" projects. About the "pee" thing - hee hee! I think we've all been there. One more row...ok, one more.

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