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May 11, 2005



The kids are in bed, including my DH, and I just let the puppy out. I thought I would check my bloglines before I turned in. Reading your post was the most delightful way to end the day. First of all, I visited Knitting in La Jolla and loved it when we were in San Diego last summer. I love the knitted/felted bag. I'm envious of how you have scrapbooked your projects. I feel like it's not worth even trying because I didn't do it when I started (over 3 years ago). Your three favorite projects are simply wonderful. Isn't it great when a knitted item is worn and worn and worn. I also love how you photograph your projects with nature backdrops. I need to try to do that a bit more. Oh, and one more thing. I love that despair.com too! My husband gives the calendars to some of his clients every year. I love all of them. I think that's it...I look forward to your next post. night night


I love your scrapbook! One of the reasons I have started blogging more about my knitting is to keep some sort of record of it. I think that I like your scrapbook idea better for that purpose. If I can ever get myself organized enough to keep labels and color samples, in addition to actually printing pictures, I will have to steal your idea.

I think the blanket still looks great, even though it is obviously warn. I love how the colors and textures complement each other. A definite keeper, even if it's raggedy and pilly.

Teresa C

I'm another chiming in on the scrapbook. I love it. I always want to keep the yarn bands and swatches, and have always thought a scrapbook of notes while knitting would be fun. Yours is awesome. And you can always check back and see exactly what you did. I am also impressed with the knitting today, this was a long post, lots of photos......did you get to knit today?:)


Where to begin...hmmm - I love your new bag, how sweet of you to gift your loved bag to your mom! LOVE your Manos throw - you may have inspired me to get back to mine. :) The hat is too cute (the picture is gorgeous!). I love your scrapbook pages, I wish I had kept up with mine. Umm, what else, oh - thatnks for the link - you enabler, you!! :)


an idea for salvaging your GORGEOUS Manos throw (long ago I bought that little booklet from Manos even though it is, ahem, a rather dreary book, just for that throw!): Felt it? It would make an awesome rug and all of its defects (which you can't see in the picture by the way) would magically disappear.

Didn't know Burly Spun came in GOOD colors! Gorgeous. xoxo Kay


Nancy dear...love, love, love all the wonderful pieces you have knitted. Carleigh loved the skater cap...too bad we don't live in a colder climate to wear one. Your scrapbook of the knitting is to die for. Wonderful idea and I love the black background. I thrive in reading your so eloquent words and writing. Wish you had time to post every day. Plus want you closer to teach me some patience to knit too! Love the throw too.


Do you always knit backwards instead of purling? I'm curious about this -- I'm one of those weird English throwers that loves to purl. I find I can purl without looking very easily, since I can feel everything in front.

Everything is so pretty - love the bags, and all those lovely analogous reds in the throw. The Cashcotton looks good enough to eat! Your daughter is a cutie.

la chica alta

Glad that you enjoyed the day. I like the scrapbook and the booga bag. I need to add that to my list of things to do.


love the booga bag. LOVE your scrapbooking! What a wonderful idea!


So much goodness! Your entries are always such a delight to read... very meaty... or fiberous?

Anyway, I just love the scrapbook you use for your knitting. Yes, I'm glad you blog your knitting, but I'm equally thrilled that you shared your scrapbook with us!

LOVE your Booga's by the way. Happy (very belated) Mother's Day!


Oh I love your knitting scrapbook! how lovely! glad you had a nice mother's day..thanks for all of your info about Louisville. I just got back yesterday and didn't have time to see much of it. I will have to go back.


I began that same Manos throw three years ago. I never really fell in love with all the blocks. My LYS finally got a shipment in, so I realized it was time to bite the bullet and finish. I hope mine turns out as well as yours. Yours is still beautiful...worn spots and all.

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