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April 30, 2005



Hi Nancy! Oh wow, you have so many exciting things going on. And I just love the photo of you yarn in the basket, by the flowers. Maybe I'm too pure-minded - but I never associated your blog name with a personality trait...hee hee. Have a great day!


WOW! What a great post! Your pictures are beautiful - I especially like the Jaeger Albany - beautiful color. can't wait to see the mystery shawl, either! :)


Oh my gosh, your post is just bursting with Spring, in both the photos and all the newly-born projects. Gorgeous photos!


N, your stash gallery is gorgeous ~ I may have to give that a try, as I think it would keep front of mind the fact that I have so many projects at the ready, and therefore perhaps might limit additional acquisition. We have some overlap with yarn types and future projects, too. But my language came out much more Dixie!


Gawd I feel like a slacker now. Gorgeous yarns and so nice to have you back.


Wow-ie. Great post.


Your Flower Basket Shawl is looking great. I've been thinking of starting one of those myself with some Chai silk I have in my stash. I just need to be sure I have enough.


Wow! lots of knitty things going on with you! nice stash enhancements :). I will definately be checking out that tutorial on knitblogging photography. I soooo need that. I am wanting to start FBS, too. that will definately be a summer or fall knit for me.


I love your helper - great shot of him with the garden gnome kitty. You are one busy knitter these days. The rose color you've picked for Deli is amazing - Silky Wool is just so gorgeous. A surprise project, eh? Very sneaky...you've caught my curiosity with this one! ;-)


That handpainted yarn is lovely! I've been trying to talk myself out of buying some because hey, do I need more yarn? That pink stuff on the right is gorgeous, what color is it? I'd love to know, happy knitting!


I want your garden. It's so pretty!
Love your Flower basket shawl. The color is Fab! I just finished one for my mom in tan, and exchanged the left-overs for a different color for me. It was fun to knit!
Looks like you've got your summer pretty full of knitting. All your projects look like fun! Good luck!


Nancy, A+++

Awesome post (so witty)!
Awesome knitting!!
Awesome stash (I am soooo jealous)!

With three balls of College, you should be able to do 11 to 12 repeats of the lower flower basket of the FBS (depending on gauge, of course). What size needles? I used size 7 Addi Turbos.

Keep us posted!


I feel your pain in losing the post. I've done it myself far more times than I can to admit. Chatty indeed and totally enjoyable!

That Jaeger Albany is beautiful! I'm quickly becoming a huge Jaeger fan. The Shetland Aran of theirs was wound the same way. I was able to pull the center and it feed it that way. Neat trick on the Japanese bowl though! Timely tip indeed.

I'm still getting all sorts of weird google hits between the crazy, lady and the n*de. You never know what you're going to take a hit for.

I just posted my review of the handpainted yarn laceweight on my blog. I'm glad to read yours and I have to say, your colors are very pretty. I love the pictures with the kitty!

Sorry about the war wounds. More frequent posts will indeed be missed, but the important thing is your comfort. The aeron chairs are great. I have one at the office and I just love it.

Feel good.

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