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April 30, 2005



That looks absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on finishing!


Another fabulous wrap! The color is beautiful on you.

BTW, I was showing my mom photos of the FB shawl, since I want to make one for her. I showed her yours, and she said (after admiring the shawl), "What a pretty woman!"


Another beautiful piece of knitting.You look stunning in that shade of red.Gorgeous.
Fab !

Teresa C

That red looks great on you! I love the lace pattern too, thanks for the close-up pics. Two finished in two weeks. Man, I have to work harder!


BEAUTIFUL!! You may just have inspired me to pick mine back up again. Great photos, too! :)


I LOVE that wrap....I've never done one, but your post has made me really consider looking into it. Again, it's just yummy and bravo!!


You're just a lace knitting machine. Lovely cozy!


Your cozy is gorgeous. That yarn is a lovely color. Sorry to hear it wasn't that pleasant to knit. I plan to start a Cozy in white silk, as soon as it gets to me!


Wow! looks lovely! welcome back :)


I LOVE your Cozy, the color is beautiful and your blog regarding the whole experience puts much light on the pattern and the fiber you chose. I am about 20" inches into the length and now have been inspired to get it done. Thank you for sharing.


Your Cozy is beautiful! I just finished one for my mom for Mother's Day, and am getting ready to block it. That red is gorgeous, maybe I'll have to make another for myself...:)


oohhh this is just smashing! Lovin' that deep red color and it looks beautiful on you as well. Very striking. - S


Cozy is beautiful. What a gorgeous shade of red! It looks great on.


Your Cozy is just lovely, and what a nice color. I've printed that pattern out too, and it's lying on top of my "Future Projects" pile, along with a few hanks of Elsebeth Lavold's "Silky Tweed" in Rust, which I think is close to the weight of the yarn you used. I really like the look of the lace pattern, and you did a beautiful job on it. Congratulations!


I made a hat for Jordan out of the summer tweed (he is very sensitive to fabric texture, so I was looking for something that wouldn't scratch), and I agree... some stitches are tough. The finished fabric has a wonderful feel to it though.


Your Cozy looks wonderful, and the color is just terrific with your coloring. Thank you for the detailed review of the pattern and the Rowan yarn. I keep looking at it at the LYS, and just not quite seeing it as any item in my WIMs list.


Nancy, I love your Clapotis too! You commented on our alignment of patterns and yarns on my blog, and after seeing your Cozy and glancing at your stash, I have found it goes even deeper(strange Twilight Zone music playing in the background).

I have Cozy cast on in Summer Tweed in that exact (if it's Smoulder) or at least a very similar shade. I also have Kid Classic in the queue for Fern in the same shade you have picked out.

Great minds.....


Oh, I forgot to mention Charlotte! My colors are not as subtle as yours however! Great work!


OMG, it looks beautiful! I can't wait to finish mine! I'm at 37", and I need to finish it by at least Saturday. Mine is a Mother's Day for my grandmother, and seeing as how Mother's day is this Sunday, and this still needs to be blocked, I think Saturday is pushing it, but that's my target date.

Jen M

Your Cozy came out just beautiful! I know what you mean about how it seems to go on and on near the end, and as a result mine is a bit shorter than yours :) But it is still a great pattern, and the red color was a great choice!


You look incredible in this shade of red - great choice! Cozy is beautiful and just right for this time of year (at least in Eastern Canada) - I can see me out in the evening with the dog wearing a Cozy instead of a coat. Oh dear...now I want one. Glad to see a new post - I was beginning to worry! ;-)


oooohhh....me likey!!


Very nice - with this and Charlotte's web, and the 2 claps - you have a lot of nice accessories to wear!

Sandy J

That wrap is de-lovely! *whistles* Nice job, and congratulations!


That really is a beautiful color. What a great job you did with that lace! I'm drooling here...

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