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April 12, 2005



The Colinette wrap is beatiful. It's knit side-to-side, right? The green shawl you are wearing in the photo is gorgeous, too. I'm not sure which I like more.


Oh Colleen, if only that was me wearing that green shawl - at this point is just a twinkle in my knitter's eye.

The Colinette is indeed knitted side-to-side.


Charlotte's web is coming along beautifully! I love the colors you chose!


Wow, it's a Wench Wraporama! and they all look great. I've been eying up Cozy, yours looks fabulous.... so many knits...so little time.....


That's a wrap! Gorgeous projects!


Beautiful shawls and wraps - my fave is the colinette one, even though it is simple, it is just gorgeous!


August - you naughty kitty! Although who could resist that gorgeous yarn? If someone set it on me while I was sleeping, I'd probably get a little excited too. The color you chose for Cozy is absolutely gorgeous! Such good taste - love the new chair too. And the Colinette wrap...I just love it all.


I don't know that you're going to get that yarn back from the cat . . . but I hope so! It's going to look fabulous. Glad you like it!


Oh Dear! Bad kitty, bad, bad kitty. Love the shawls. Do you have a shawl closet? Just wondering. I really should make one shawl - FBS was just a scarf. I signed up the the Cozi KAL, but can't decide what yarn to use that is economical.


All your projects look great! I made a poncho thing outa' Summer Tweed, washed it, and it bled like crazy! Other than that, it did soften up a bit. Good luck.
Cute kitty!


wow, everything looks beautiful. love the shawl. wonderful colors.


What beautiful wrappy goodness. :) Our kindergarten is half-day and I must say, it shows. No music, no art, no PE. It's a bit frustrating. :(

I love your idea of making Cozy with summer tweed, I think I'll do the same!


simply stunning. all of the wraps are simply gorgeous. your blog is a delightful meal for the eyes!!

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