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April 17, 2005



Beautiful,beautiful,beautiful ! The colours work so well.I like Charlotte without a fringe.Have fun visiting yarn !


I love your Charlotte's Web! The colors are wonderful and I think it is much more 'wearable' without the fringe. It's been on my to-knit list for months, but I haven't come across an adequate selection of Koigu from which to put together the makings. Heading to MS&W in 3 weeks and making a beeline for the Koigu, especially now after seeing yours.


Oh, I love it! I agree, I really like it without the fringe. Nice job!


The blues in your charlotte looks so good on you, with that outfit - and it is totally Parisian chic. I like Classic Cafe too - yikes, mature me!


I love it, and thanks for showing how you wear it! I was just commenting the other day on someone's blog that I love the shawls I've seen made, but wouldn't have a clue what to wear it with.
You do look vey chic!
I love your garden as well. I want one in my new house after we finish remodeling. I'll have to show your pic to hubby. When he thinks 'garden' he thinks 'farmers field plowed in rows'. When I think garden, I envision something like the background of your picture.
I'm making a sweater from Classic Cafe right now. I also noticed the 'mature' comment, which made me feel very middle aged ;-(


It looks great! Congratulations! And congrats on surviving a mommy-ful weekend!


Gorgeous! :)

Laura Y

wow! Lovely lovely lovely shawl!

Katt Walker

LOVE Charlottes Web!! Love the colours! Its gorgeous!



BEAUTIFUL!! I can't believe how quickly you finished her! Have a great time wearing it today...lots of compliments are sure to come your way. Congrats on surviving the weekend...what do you mean 3 is worse?? OH man, only a month to go and I enter 3-yo h*ll.


I love your Charlotte! I've always wanted to make one, but never did. Like you, I live in a town that you could say dresses "casual."
I am in absolute awe. Your gardens are GEORGEOUS! Please send your green thumb my way!




It's lovely. Hope Brian is back soon and that you get to escape to a land where all adults speak in the right language. Make sure to bring the shawl so you can hear the oohs and aahs live!


charlotte looks fantastic. Definately very European chic!


Very nice Charlotte. You have some lovely shawls.


Absolutely beautiful! It looks lovely on you.


GASP! Your garden is green and flowering and gorgeous...everything here is still brown. :-( In fact we got about 6 inches of snow last week - melted the next day but was depressing nonetheless. C'mon Spring!! I love Charlotte and it looks great on too - the perfect Spring wrap/shawl. And the perfect match for your silk tank - gorgeous!! They are going to be all over you at the LYS - have fun!


How exciting to finish. Gorgeous wrap, gorgeous garden! I love it every way you wear it. And I love the Rowan Classic Cafe book - I am in serious lust for the Broadway cardi.


You have to be in the mood for fringe to do it. I think this looks good without the fringe; it's more casual and not too dressy. Congrats on another great project!


wow....I just found your blog via Jacq's blog (my escape from the boys)...your things are just so lovely...the shawl is stunning. I'm really taken with the Berroco Plus blanket in process...you should frame that picture as it is in your blog...it's sooooo pretty and colorful. Take care. I look forward to checking in often. I feel a little inadequate looking at all you do, but it's lovely and your little girl is so sweet.

Teresa C

I love it. Makes me want to cast on for one right now. I will have to wait until I am home from vacation though. Then the thinking knitting happens. Lovely job.


Goodness, the colors! Simply amazing, I wish I had time to start a project like that.


It's just beautiful -- and so flattering! You're a natural scarf person, I can tell.


Oh, it turned out beautifully! Makes me rethink the fringe I added to mine . . .


what a gorgeous Charlotte! You look beautiful in that shawl! The colors you selected are perfect. You look so very romantic in your garden! My roses are just getting new leaves no budding yet. Bearded Irises are sending up buds wowhooo! Keep up the great work! I really enjoy your blog!

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