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March 16, 2005



Sorry you're a bit out of your regular circulation, hope the recovery is quick as you like and goes well. Gosh, I must have skipped any mention that you'd not be blogging for awhile, you were missed!

The second Clapotis is beautiful, thanks for writing what the silky wool is like - that's what I'm using too (too bad it's going at a much slower rate!). And your Karalund is very, very beautiful - I guess that is what draws me to your blog, your beautiful knitting!

glad you are better-take care, Terry in SF


OMG - I cannot believe you were awake! I'm really happy to hear that all went well and you are recuperating quickly. Clapotis is beautiful - very spring/summer! I can't wait to see Klaralund all seamed and on you!


Oh my gosh, there's another stunning Clapotis for your collection. But see, I'm already going to copy your *first* one. It's getting a little ridiculous that now I want a white one, too.

Glad to hear your surgery went well. You should be getting lots more knitting time in the days ahead! Take care.


Welcome back! I am very glad to hear yousounding well and hope that you'll have an easy recovery. The knits are lovely, as per usual!


Glad you're back. I have missed your posts and seeing what you have been working on. Clapotis looks beautiful. I may have to make one in the Silky Wool. I love that yarn, so it would be a good excuse. Klaralund is coming along nicely too.


Lavold Silky Wool for Clappy--looks great. I actually like the fact that the scarf has more drape than bounce. I think it works a lot better.


Awake for the procedure? Oy. I can't even begin to imagine. Hope you're really back on your feet shortly.

Clapotis is beautiful. I love how it looks in that yarn.

I can't wait to see Klaralund finished. Those quilting rulers are great. Thanks for suggesting another use for them. I have a couple tucked away for when I return to quilting, but now I can get some use out of it.

Welcome back. You were missed.


Glad you are feeling a little better and the operation is out of the way. I was cringing when I read about the "drill in the spine." Yikes!


wow, brave you! thank goodness you had a focused doc. that helped your nerves, i bet! i hope you're feeling better with each day that passes, nancy!

your clapotis II is just gorgeous. i'm glad to see it turned out so well with the silky wool. simply beautiful!

take care!


So glad you're back and feeling better!! I've been dying to see what you've been working on while recuperating. Clapotis II is gorgeous - perfect for spring and cool summer evenings. I've got my eye on some Silk Garden for one but I'm almost tempted to make a plain black one for evening now that I see your white one. I love the colorway you're using for Klaralund too - right up my alley.


Wow! That is a beeyootiful Clapotis! It is incredibly elegant in the single color. I've already made up my mind to knit a second, and I'll be thinking of the Silky Wool.


Wow! That is a beeyootiful Clapotis! It is incredibly elegant in the single color. I've already made up my mind to knit a second, and I'll be thinking of the Silky Wool.


Glad you're feeling better - that surgery sounds really difficult! I absolutely love your second Clapotis and now can't decide which to copy first - your first wool one or this one. Which color did you use of the Silky Wool?
Hope you continue to get better!


Your Clapotis is beautiful! The drapey yarn makes quite a different effect. It's great to have you back with us!


glad it all went well. everything looks fantastic! and man i'll have to remember that ikea tape measure thing. what a great idea to keep one with all your projects. i'm at ikea all the time.


Yea, you're back! Looks like you have been busy though. The solid Clap is really elegant. I love the drape. Happy healing.

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