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March 31, 2005



*Love* the pink yarns you have chosen. And are you going to knit that lacy top? Very cute!

I think Athena is the perfect choice for a knitting goddess! Athena is my favorite goddess. I may even name my daughter (If I ever have one) Athena because she is so awesome :)


Yup - serial yarn buying, been there. We're all pink and red all the time here by the bay... We had a wonderful nanny called Athena when Logan was young, so I've long had a soft spot for her - but Arachne.... she'd be the one with the dpn's sticking out everywhere!


Hey, I'm knitting a pink sweater too, just by chance. I ordered deep red yarn and ended up with a dark rose color. I didn't realize that made me hip. ;) I should have, though, because I was recently clothes shopping and noticed a LOT of pink. I tried on a pink shirt, but it was not me at all.


Love all the pink yarns and I really do like that bolero jacket. I've been looking for a pattern like that. When your hands are feeling better, would you let me know where the pattern can be found?


I am very into pink this year too - it's nice that it's "back in". I am loving both of the patterns you've picked out too. They look like the sort of thing you can dress up with a skirt or down with jeans so should get plenty of wear. I did a little shopping myself yesterday and now I've got to order more yarn. My cute little brown tweed skirt is crying out for a chocolate brown wrap of some kind. I swear it never ends! Can't wait to see these ones knitted up - the pinks are going to be gorgeous.


ohhhhhh pink! I absolutely adore all of the pink!! ^_^


I have to admit, I'm liking the pink too. Fashion shmashion :)

Rest your hands, take some time away from the computer. I hope the numbness goes away quickly.


wow, those pink yarns are just so beautiful. but don't tell orange i said that. it can be rather jealous of these things.

that cobweb shawl is stunning. it reminds me of raspberry mousse.

i hope your numbness and tingles go away soon, and i'm glad you're doing much better!

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