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March 23, 2005



Oooooh, her name is Charlotte....

Sounds like a tough day! The sweater is darling, though—it really is! The cotton, though tricksy, I'm sure will be much more comfortable for the little one, given our California climate. So pretty!


The evil rabbit garment looks great - I'll be tucking away the interfacing idea for sure. You're on a finishing roll! Definitely time to start something new and with such gorgoeus colours - yum! Even better than Easter eggs!


Wow, that sweater is amazing. I think it is beautiful, and I am sure it will be even more outstanding when finished. You did a great job - and I just hope that when your little one grows out of it, another recipient will get to wear it, too! So...the Koigu...I have never seen a Charlotte, but heard a lot about it...so I'm looking forward to it!


I love Emily's bunnies! Lucky girl (testing boundries...oh, man, I know just how you feel!!)You will be soo happy when it is done. On to Charlotte! You are just going to LOVE knitting this one - sooooo much fun.
Hope you are feeling well, Nancy!


GREAT sweater. Good idea to line the back of the bunnies, too.


Ah Charlotte. Perhaps if you knit it I will, too. I've had the yarn for a year, and I've been hosting a huge knitalong which many people have finished. I started once and then ripped. Maybe, just maybe, seeing you make it will revive me. If you don't do it too fast.

The bunnies are incredible. Intarsia is the only area of knitting I don't consider myself to be expert in. Something I have to either work on or just avoid completely. And I agree - it's much more manageable in wool.


Maybe I haven't done enough cute little kiddie sampler sweaters, but why in the world would you have to sew on a buttonband? The bunnies are cute. It's almost over.


Oh my - that sounds like a long, painful day. Darned evil bunnies. I have something to make you feel better though. Repeat after me...chasing tail (hee hee!)...chasing tail (hee hee!). I'm sorry but it gets me everytime and my long weekend is starting in about 5 minutes. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day bunnywise - the cute factor on that sweater (especially with a little white dress) will be worth the headache. :-)


regardless of how evil the sweater was, man, it's gorgeous! simply stunning. and so are you, in your klaralund down there! how beautiful you look in your sweater!

i hope you feel better with each day that passes. take care, nancy!


That really looks INCREDIBLE!


oooh, I do love me some koigu :). I've been wanting to knit Charlotte for awhile, too. It will have to wait. I loved reading about your "evil bunny sweater" process :)


I love your bunny sweater!!!! Its soo cuet =)


Ooooo Koigu! Nice reward for finishing the evil bunny sweater. Great solution for protecting the evil bunnies. I had to smile about the $6 boa, I had to buy two sets of $1.99 stacking cups at IKEA. They were worth the price, they kept the twins entertained the entire time we were there.

Sorry about the horrible day. I can totally commiserate on losing a brilliant post. The replacement was suitably entertaining.

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