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March 25, 2005



Awesome! I can only imagine how much patience that took.


Gorgeous sweater! Your daughter looks precious in it. Thanks for sharing!


gorgeous! just adorable!


Evil bunnies, intarsia in cotton, endless fun aside, the sweater is beautiful as is its model! Ems is the perfect knitwear model.

BTW, I love the evil rabbit in Holy Grail too! Thanks for the reminder, I have to get that movie now too :)


she looks so happy wearing it. it looks great!


OMG, I love it!!!! And you can tell she does too which is always the best complement


It looks beautiful!


Thanks so much for that tip on sleeve selvedges. I was just complaining about lumpy sleeve seams b/c of decreases, and felt sure that there was a way to avoid them. Thanks for pointing it out! Love the bunny sweater too.


Beautiful Sweater and Beautiful little girl!!!! She looks like she's lovin it. Ah, as for the dust bunnies - it looks like I better set up for business - I didn't know there was so much under MY bed!


Happy Easter!! The sweater turned out fantastic! I am sure she will be the cutest little girl for the day. :)


Love the bunny sweater. Don't you just love it when they put the sweater on and SMILE? That's when you know all that fussing and redoing was worth every minute!


Oh, Nancy!! It looks wonderful. And Emily looks so pretty wearing the bunnies. Has she taken it off yet?? You did such a super job...keep on patting yourself, you deserve it! :)


What a cutie in her new sweater! It looks great. You sure have been industrious for someone who just had surgery.


wow, that is truly a work of art. how gorgeous! i hope you're feeling good these days, girlie! slut bunnies made me giggle :D


Haha! Very fun post! Unforgiving Hera could certainly be the goddess of knitting...almost definitely in my case. The bunny sweater is absolutely adorable - how cute!! Those bunnies look so innocent but now I can't help thinking "What are they gonna do? Nibble me bum?!" Thanks for the laugh! :-)


That is so cute - I especially like how the back is just as interesting as the front! makes me wish I had at least one daughter - can't see my boys taking to it - more's the pity. Hera, yes or maybe Hestia?


Beautiful! Just beautiful!


That sweater is simply amazing. You'll have to save it for your grandchildren.


It is seriously one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen knitting. Congrats and you are a master knitter!

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