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March 20, 2005



Nobody's going to laugh because you look gorgeous in your beautiful new sweater.
Fab !


I love the colorway you chose! I think the colors softened in a lovely way after you washed and dried Klaralund. I wonder if I have enough daring to throw mine in the drier in the name of shorter sleeves :-p


I think your Klara turned out just lovely. You chose a fantastic colorway and I also admire that to resize, you threw Klara in the wash! The results look stunning and very soft. Way to go! Now, send some of your nice warm spring weather to the midwest, pretty pretty please? :)


Lovely Klaralund. The is definitely on my to-knit list.


That sweater is lovely! I like what you did with the sleeves too.


It turned out beautiful and looks lovely on you! Love your color choice!


Good job - I've been thinking of making the Klaralund for my daughter (vicarious knitting compromise, I love it but she has the Appropriate Body Type), and was concerned about the sleeve length, fit, etc. I've heard that washing/drying Silk Garden would work, but seeing is believing - your pictures are appreciated! It looks so nice on you.


It's beautiful! I love the colorway that you used. Very flattering colors.


That is gorgeous. I can't tell that your arms are short. Mine have always been too long and I have to lengthen every sweater pattern. Pretty neat trick shrinking it without felting it. Just lovely!


So beautiful! It looks perfect on you!

Love your blog--Hope your back is feeling better.


Love the sweater! You look pretty chipper, too for someone with recent back surgery!
I do have to say that if I find out that your hair just lloks like that naturally, and you don't have to fuss with it....well, I dont think I'd be able to read your blog anymore!


Looks really great...so do you, Nancy! The mods you made really look good.


You look fabulous! (And Klaralund does, too) I can hardly believe you're still recovering. Bravo!


It's a beautiful sweater on you, and the colorway is great! I hope that you enjoy wearing it.


The sweater looks great. I love the colors!


Looks like you are back in the game - that's great! I am glad your surgery went well and that your recovery is going well. The light in your home is lovely - I thought that for the Clapotis photos, too...And your knitting is amazing. Way to go!


Klara is beautiful and you look great it in. No giggling here!


Oh, it turned out beautifully! That colorway is gorgous! I knitted my clapotis in it and I just love those colors, the way they really stand out when the light hits them. You are brave to put it in the dryer :). But it turned out quite well.


It looks just as good as I thought it would - gorgeous! I love the colors and the sleeve shaping is nice too. I can't believe you were brave enough to throw it in the dryer - it was worth the risk though - now I want one!


Those colors are simply amazing.

Kelly Donovan

I love this sweater! i put your blog address on my yahoo group to show everyone how awesome it is!!!


Love the sweater! Love the colorway! It fits you beautifully! I would never have been so brave as to throw it in the washer, but it was the right choice.


love your klara. you look fantastic!


Oh my! She is bellissima! Gorgeous colorway and looks perfect on you!

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