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February 24, 2005



So many great pictures today! Thanks! I lov ethe colors for Gloria, I think they are fun and original. Emily's sweater is just too cute - makes me wish we had a little girl around this house. I'll be sending you many many healing thoughts when the surgery comes around!


I love the colorway your using for Klaralund..I did my clapotis in that colorway. It's very subtle. Your bunny sweater is really nice, too! Good luck on your surgery...I can relate to the sciatica pain. I've suffered from it off and on for quite a few years now. At one point I was in so much pain that I went to the emergency room (I didn't have health insurance and didn't know what else to do). It hasn't bothered me too much in the past three years, which is good. Take care!


Loving Gloria - the colours fair zing together! That bunny cardy is gorgeous - makes me long for daughters - oh well, boys are fun too...


Love the bunny sweater. I wish that I had knitted when my daughter was little. Sorry to hear that you have to have surgery, but I hope that all goes well.


Where to start? Your back - eek! - I hope that all goes well. The Gloria swatch - very cool. I'm not even a big variegated yarn person and I love it. The bunnies - adorable. And Rogue? Isn't it nice to make things too big and realize how lucky you are to be so thin without exercise! I really enjoy your blog and will miss you in March.

Another Julia

Love the bunnies, they are adorable and it's almost done! I want to do a Rogue too, just can't decide on a color. So many I have seen look fabulous. So sorry about the surgery, but I hope it gets you fixed up. Hmmm, perhaps you could put the computer up higher so you could stand at it while you blog. Yeah, I know, like you're gonna care about blogging then. We'll miss you.


In your photos, those colors look striking when combined. I say do it.


I am officially in love with the bunny sweater - that is just adorable. And what a great name "chasing tail" - hahah! Almost laughed out loud over that one.


Poor Rogue. I love the slimfast picture! My fingers are crossed for your back. What a great story about your teacher. I've discovered that my mom and a couple of coworkers are regular readers of my blog so I'm conscious of my writing.

Bravo for packing up the wintery things and putting them away for a while. I hope you get Klaralund finished while it is still useful.

Chasing Tail is a very pretty little sweater. I look forward to seeing it finished.


love the chasing bunny sweater! Good thought on the name switch to prevent all that porn googling.

Can't wait to see photo of finished bunny sweater and darling daughter modeling.



i'm so glad you're safe from all the rain. it's so weird, the way the weather has been this year. i wonder if the earth is trying to tell us something.

that bunny sweater is precious. you are just awesome! *bows down*

sorry about your back! please take it easy these next few weeks (like i need to tell you that!). i'll be rooting for you!


Cute Cute Bunny sweater! I'm knitting an Easter sweater for my little girl too. (Molly from Debbie Bliss Junior Knits). Sending best wishes for your surgery, heal fast!


just love the bunny sweater. hoping for speedy back recovery. take care!

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