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February 08, 2005



Ohhh - yummy! Thnaks for the pretty photos - all we have here is slush! Klarlaund is looking great!


Oh California! You are killing me. I thought I missed seasons, but honestly they're over-rated. Perpetual sunshine is where it's at.


okay, swooning here! your cake looks so delish. do you think it would keep in the mail? :p

EZ as pi looks like a true challenge (for me, anyway!) but a lot of fun at the same time. i'm looking forward to seeing your take on this project! it has room for improv between increases? is this a baroque shawl? :) it sounds so interesting!

have a great day with your beautiful flora out there! those pictures are gorgeous.


The cake looks wonderful . . . (excuse me while I sit here and drool quietly....)


Klaralund is very pretty. I like the colorway you chose for it. Sorry about the yarn experience. Sounds much like my experience with that recycled sari silk where it was so overtwisted that the yarn kinked back on itself. Its a PITA to work with and the only reason I finished is because it was a quick project that my my liked the results of. I'm looking forward to your review of your LYS's quality SG yarn.

You'll be fine with the Pi shawl. That color is beautiful and will make a gorgeous shawl. I haven't compared stitch for stitch the lace panels of the Best of Knitters version with the Knitters Almanac, but the pictures appear to be identical. I'm using the Best of Knitters as it is charted as well as spelled out row for row. The KA doesn't have the charts. Doesn't really matter, but I do like lace from charts. The diamonds are very easy and you'll have now problem with this at all. You could always pick out your own favorite lace motive with a similar stitch repeat and replace the pattern. :) That's the nice thing about EZ, she doesn't want you to be a slave to a pattern. She gives you a skeleton and you get to flesh it out as you wish. It will go faster then you expect.

Thank you so much for the very pretty pictures! Nice to know it isn't snow and slush everywhere. Oh and that cake just made me very hungry!


Oh yes, you must practice - at least once a week. And lest you find a perfectly iced cake, you should still keep practicing, so that you don't forget how to do it. :)

Mary R

Just found your blog and read that you're from Louisville. I'm a native of Louisville and currently living south of Lou. in Shepherdsville. I haven't found too many Kentuckians blogging, so I was delighted to find your site. I'm looking forward to reading more!


Love your Klaralund - I've gotten the back/front and I'm started on one sleeve. This was my first attempt at Clapotis ripped and made into Klaralund. Love your Colorway, too. I am not so sure about mine, but it is the same as in the book. I've only post the front on my blog so far, have to update that...oh, and now I feel like baking since your cake looks sooooo good!


Your Klarakund looks pretty!! And now you taunt me with that cake. I must be starting to feel better if I'm hungry... ^_~ and wow, those flowers are amazing!

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