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February 02, 2005



Nancy - i guess I'm not the only one who was wishing for Clapotis to finally end! It does look beautiful, though!


The Clap was like that for me--sooooo fabulous for so long, but long before that 13th repeat the thrill was gone. Way gone. Not even pulling out the ladders revived me. BUT the decreases are nothing but GOOD TIMES. I am not a fast knitter but I knitted my Clap in a week--the week I was snowed in with the kids. I would have been carted off to the nuthouse without it. So....once you hit the decreases its time to plan your wardrobe--its nearly done.


I love the correlation between knitting and men. I can definately commiserating with finding "that other guy" much more attractive. Happens quite a bit. Unfortunately I've also learned about that grass not always being greener either.


After a year of blogging, it does seem like there's nothing new under the sun. Yet we all seem to find new ways of saying it, and that's the fun. So go ahead and wax poetic about the metaphorical aspects of knitting. We can all relate!

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