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February 06, 2005



Hi, I just was referred here from another blog, and I wound up reading quite a bit of yours. It's very good and you do beautiful work. I just finished a slip stitch tweed look jacket (Paton's Divine Decadence New York Jacket) and your new project looks like mine. It was done by knitting two rows with one colour, slipping the other colour and slipping with the yarn on the wrong side.(did that mske sense?) I always think I can skip the swatching and then I'm sorry :). My yarn was really fuzzy, too, so I finally had to do a swatch in something smooth so I could see what it was supposed to look like. Your jacket will be gorgeous when it is done.


I found your blog via the yarn harlot's. Your clapotis and first pair of socks are both great! I also love your very artistic photo layouts!
I'd love to have a copy of the needlework organization chart!


On the slipped stitch issue - usually if the pattern is described as slipped stitch, then the yarn is carried forward. But, conversely, if it isn't billed that way and the directions merely say to slip, then the convention is to carry the yarn behind. No help, right? If it's a Cornelia Tuttle design, you may be able to e-mail her. She corresponded with Wendy of Wendy Knits regarding issues with Klaralund (there are several). You may want to e-mail Wendy. I'm not familier with this pattern, but if I get a chance to duck into my yarn store I'll take a look at the pics and let you know if I have any ideas. It's hard to believe that the pics are that bad (though it wouldn't be the first time!)

Re: Silk Garden, have you checked it out at your LYS as well? Although I love E-bay I once got a crap batch of yarn from there, so I'm always cautious. It would be sad if SG has gone down the crapper.

Love your blog and am looking forward to the upcoming knits.


aww, that's a shame about the silk garden. i've never even felt it or held it in my hands, let alone knitted with it. i've heard so many rave reviews in the past - but i've also heard so many people saying how so many yarns/needles aren't the way they used to be. i think your busting ass theory is right. well regardless, i think your klaralund will be beautiful!

i hope you find some answers for your tweed stitch issue. rocktorp's gonna be gorgeous! i love those colors together.


Well, I have to say I'm glad to hear what you though of the SG - I love my Klaralund, but didn't understnad all the fuss about Silk Garden. It did soften up after washing, but not much - it's still pretty itchy and has lots of little white fibers everywhere. But I LOVE the sweater. The colors you're using a great!
I would love a copy of your chart - I love to organize my stuff that way. YAY Nancy!


First time reader of your blog and I stumble upon it just when you're offering something right up my alley: a needle organizing aid. I was thinking earlier today that I need to record the sizes/lengths etc., that I have. Please sent the chart! Thank you!

I've bookmarked your blog and will be back.

Thank you!

P.S. I've used Noro yarns for several small projects--scarves, Booga Bags, etc., and have been very disappointed by the number of knots in eash skein/ball.


I would LOVE a copy of your chart. I can't tell you how many times I'm at my LYS wondering if I already bought the US4, 32" circular needle...

I like the way your final try turned out...it reminds me a lot of a scarf a girl at a class I was taking was making...! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress... ^_^


Beautiful colors on the SG - I actually popped in to take a look at Clapotis - absolutely gorgeous. I went straight to knitty.com and printed off the pattern so I could start my own. I'd love to have a copy of your needle chart - I tend to lose track of the needle sizes/lengths I've got when I'm at the yarn store so it will come in very handy. Thanks for the offer... Great blog and beautiful work - I've bookmarked you. :-) Looking forward to seeing more FOs.


I've always had problems with Silk Garden--well, I haven't used it for anything larger than hats and scarves and have only used it a few times. Anyway, I've been frustrated with the sticks and have often found knots in it, which makes me really mad. The colors are so gorgeous though!


I would love a copy of your chart. Thanks for sharing and love your site!


I don't know much about tweed stitch, but even if you're not doing it right - it looks beautiful. I really like the colors you chose. Sounds like you are casting on many new and cool projects. :)


Your entrelac sweater is gorgeous! I am planning on ordering some silk garden to make an entrelac shawl for my mom. I'm wondering now if I should look for something else. Nothing else seems to do color changes quite like the noro though. I wonder how they do it.

(I'm another one who found your blog through the Yarn Harlot. :)


a woman after my own heart! charting needles, this is what i need to keep in my bag. if you don't mind emailing me a copy, i'd appreciate it. and your clapotis is lovely! i love the color you chose.


Oh nerdy sister of organization -- hail to thee. I have my needles organized on a spreadsheet. I've taken to making copious notes about projects I'd like to do and then rating/ranking them by how likely I will be to knit it. I consider if I'll learn anything new from the pattern, is it portable, is it a concentration knit or a mindless knit, do I have yarn for the project, etc. It is ever-evolving. I should spend this much time knitting!


I'd love a copy of your file. Thank you!

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