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February 22, 2005



I did a plain Clapotis first - to start with I was worried it was a bit bandage like but now I just love her and always get lots of comments. I'm planning a variegated wool version for Winter. Yours is looking great - aren't those stitch holders doing your head in though?

chris tate

i am insane. I see all these gorgeous clapotis shawls all over the web and ... and ... and ...

...and i have to learn to knit so i can give them away to the ladies in my life. even though my wife already knits.

i am insane.... ;)


"...little,quirt visual orgasms..." indeed.A passion filled life.Fibre,colour,texture.The riches !
Just a matter of time until I succumb to the siren call of Clapotis.Both of yours are gorgeous.


ooooh! it looks great! I like the ripple effect.
I just dropped the first stitch on my Clapotis. I was so excited. My son, not so much. He said, "Are you sure it's supposed to do that?" I wasn't able to explain the final effect in any way that made sense to him, so I showed him the pictures of your first Clapotis. He was impressed and said that I should make 100 of them. uuhh... no.
The yarn I'm using is a cotton/linen/acrylic blend (I wanted it for summer) and the fabric does not have nearly the life yours does. I already feel the need for a second, more rippley, one in wool.
This is not a good thing, because I followed your link to the EZ as Pi group and since I resolved some time ago to learn to knit lace... yeah. My book came today (Cananda Customs was nice enough to cut three of four of the books in the box when they cut the box open to inspect it. grrr). I'm really excited to get started, but really overwhelmed too. And with all this knitting, when will I sleep? ;)

Also... I was wondering... would you post some instructions for making those beautiful markers, please? I've seen them in a few places, but I don't know what kind of hoops to use etc.

HAHAhha.. I just read this over... I look like a weirdo cyber stalker person. I want a scarf like YOURS, I joined YOUR Pi group, I wanna make stitch markers like YOU! lol
*tries to look normal*


LOVE the new Clap! That Silky Wool - yummmmm! And the color is just perfect for spring/summer - would even look cute thrown over a tank and denim shots on a cool night.


I love your stitch markers...I just started a collection of pretty stitch markers when I went to stitches. I wish I had pretty, jewelled stitch markers when I was doing Clapotis. It does make the experience that much better, visually.


Love, love, love it! Wanna finish mine up so I can start a solid one next! I have made the last of the straight rows - sshhh, don't tell it, it might rebel. Tomorrow I will decend into decreases! I love your idea of a lighter one - we may have to have one for each season!


Ooh! What beautiful stitch markers! Love the second Clapotis too. It is equally as beautiful and unique as the first one you made. Lovely lovely!


Nancy - I love the new Clapotis! I got my Lorna's in the mail today...oooohhh! Can't wait to join you - although heck, there's no way I'm going to be able to knit as fast as you. Amazing. :)


I love your collectionof stitch markers! I am still not sure I'd want to use all the marker for the Clapotis, though. Instead I am purling the drop stitches (a la Yarn Harlot).

I also have a Cozy on the needles in the silky wool. You can see my progress here if you like. It's actually longer than that now, but I haven't photographed it in a while. I am digging the silky wool to.


wow! this place looks great! i've been a little mia these past two weeks just due to being busy and having a slight aversion to turning on the computer. i'm glad i'm back - your clapotis ii looks awesome. i have six hanks of silky wool that i never turned into ene's scarf as i had planned. i'm wondering if i should join you on a silky wool clapotis expedition and give it a whirl! thanks for the shout out :)

hope you're doing great out there and are safe from the pouring rains!


I love the look, I was wondering when someone would do one in a solid color. I was afraid that the pattern, though elegant, was too plain for a solid, but yours has just enough yarn texture. The markers are gorgeous and all I have are the crummy little plastic rings. The Harlot mentioned that she didn't use markers, just purled the stiches to be dropped. Guess that will be my strategy too.


Beautiful. I love your photography - the stitch markers pop.


Silky Wool is yummy stuff--can't wait to knit with some for a spring project. Great idea to use it for Clapotis.


Thanks for sharing your Clap adventures with Silky Wool. I was wondering how it would knit up for that pattern. Yes, I've got the Clap itch (how's that for scratching your Freudian mental imagery today? Tee hee!), but haven't settled on a yarn. Scratch that...THE yarn.

Meanwhile, I adore your pretty bead stitch markers. I've been thinking of taking up beading precisely so I can make some of my own markers one day. Thanks for the inspirations!



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