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February 03, 2005



love it!!! The colors are so beautiful - and you look great wearing Clapotis.


what a lovely site - you in your clapotis. how gorgeous! it turned out awesome - and your beaming smile is beautiful! i think you've just helped me change my mind from making ene's scarf from scarf style to a clapotis. do you think silky wool would work for this? or do you think a yarn with a bunch of colors would be better? do tell!

:) m


Oh My Word! Absolutely fabulous. I certainly have Clapotis on my list, it's just a matter of when!


Oooooooo... I love!


For crying out loud. Another irresistable Clapotis. Would everybody please stop tempting me with this? I can't hardly stand it. Just back off with the beautiful.


That is gorgeous! Very fetching and flattering. I wasn't that taken with the design the first time I saw it, but now I think I have to have one. And I'm not the accessory type. Wear it proudly, it really is stunning.


Very pretty : ) I am 1/2 way thru mine and now I can't wait!


Wow, you should take all of your own photos from now on! You look fantastic in the Clapotis, and I love the artsy, sunlight beaming through the Clapotis shot - it's fantastic. As for teenage lust, check out Theresa (www.keyboardbiologist.net) who posted yesterday about "promiscuity"...Maybe there's something in the air! Hee hee.


This is just beautiful! How many skeins of the Artyarns did you use?

It's just gorgeous.


Awesome! Love it...wonder how many Clapotis are there in the world right now? My yarn are stashed away secretly....shush :)


How lovely! The colorway is just splendid; isn't Artyarns just amazing?


Gorgeous! I can't wait to finish mine - ripping those ladders is ever so entertaining!


lovely clap-o-tee...the colors are stunning...I can't wait to begin mine!!

so inspiring...perfect for spring!


That is just gorgeous. Inspires me to make one as well...


gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! fantastic colorway. very cool pics! LOVE IT!


That looks incredibly beautiful! I cannot wait to start mine...


Hi Nancy, I found your blog from the Rogue knitalong page. Your clapotis is making me swoon! And it looks like the supermerino is much more affordable than the Lorna's Laces.

Absolutely gorgeous!


Very nice. I used Supermerino, too, and loved knitting with it.


WOW -- this looks fantastic!!! Yokudekimashita!


Beautiful Clapotis - and great photo of you in it. Looks totally "right" on you!


Love your clapotis photos. I too am using the Art Yarns Supermerino on size 8 needles. Can only hope mine comes out as lovely!


doreen frumkin

It's beautiful...I've been thinking about Clapotis in Artyarns. How many skeins did you use?

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