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February 16, 2005



Not like there's actually anything to apologize for, and I certainly wasn't thinking "idiot" in my post! I'm just a fairly novice knitter that likes your blog :). By the way, the alternating colors for Gloria look wonderful -- very interesting.


Thanks Kate. For those of you reading after Kate, I changed my text a little. Sometimes I see what others do only after time away from what I've written.


Hmmm..I do really like your swatch for Gloria. I like the contrast. Looks nice :) Actually, everything you are doing looks really good...Rowan Birch is divine!


Thank you for some serious giggles this morning, Nancy.

Klaralund is looking beautiful so far. I really like those colors. Glad you resisted the tearing out for an extra ridge. That's an undocumented design feature, yeah.

Nice to see birch again. Looking lovely.

I love your multitasking needles! That picture with the swatch next to the WIP on is priceless. Thank you!


Hi Nancy! Looks like your mommy week was busy, but not so busy as to keep you away from the needles. Klaraland is looking quite nice, and I'm sorry about the gauge. That's knitting life, I guess. I happen to avoid swatches, too - but I know it's dangerous. Sometimes, I cast on the arm first, and make that the swatch, that way, if it's not, it's much less painful to rip. Good luck!


You have so many wonderful projects going on! Wow!


wow - this entry made me woozy! what beautiful projects you have going on. your rowan birch is just absolutely beautiful. the color you chose for that is perfect.

you are one inspiring knitter!!

General Ginger

Loved your albums. Thanks for the wips update.

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