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February 21, 2005



That's a great idea. I want to use my blog to help me remember those project details.

Your design looks great! LMK if you need any help with Photoshop... I just counted the number of years I've been using it (12), and now I feel old.


Like the new look!


Once again, our minds are on the same track - I have retired several projects until next fall as well.
LOVE the new look (I'm working on that, too! - funny)


I like the new look. Very clean and sharp.

Organized shiny pebbles! I like it :)

Great approach to the coming end of the season. It makes a great deal of sense. I find my mind wandering to knitting a ribby out of, dare I say it, cotton.


Love the purple...very sharp. :-)


Nice Look, Nancy? Is your favorite color...Purple? :) I also love the Koigu (I think that's what it is) at the top... So, Clapotis II - it was so good that you're willing to knit it again, huh? I can't wait 'til my yarn gets here for it! Great job on the make-over, and happy knitting.

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