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February 10, 2005



You have to swatch it. I can put two balls of yarn together and thing "great" but when I start knitting them I start to think "not so great". As it looks to me now, I like the solid on the bottom.


Hrmm, I actually like the peri on the top... but I agree with the previous post. Swatching is what will help you decide.

Since I moved (three and a half years ago) I've been too shy to go to my LYSs. I know, insane (though I did hear that at one of them, the people who work there are very snobbish). But I'm gearing up for my first trip to both of them this weekend anyway, snobbery be damned!


I llike the contrast - but Colleen's right. You'll have to swatch especially sicne you won't know what the Noro will look like knitted until you do it. What Noro is that? It will be a fun sweater, though! YAY for you, buying the Koigu - you're in trouble now. That stuff is like a very addictive drug...I just can't get enough. Sounds like you had a great day!!!


I agree - a swatching is necessary - I do like the noro on top tho. But I say, go for it! It looks like it will be a beauty when it's done. Have fun!


I like the Noro on top. While you are swatching :-) maybe try alternating on the top w/ the Noro and the peri...might pull it all together (if it doesn't work as-is).


I like the Periwinkle on the bottom, but I'd want to see the whole thing, too . . . swatching is the way to go!
And, the creating-lace book--I'm in the middle of reading that. It's been sitting on my bookshelf for years and I never got around to it. Very informative, but I think I'd be getting more out of it if I was reading it with needles in my hands, rather than just, you know, reading it. The author obviously knows what she's talking about, though!


Nice purchases! Koigu is indeed addictive and I love the present you bought for Clapotis. I was wondering if you had worn it out yet.

I do like the pairing of the yarns though I'm leaning towards the periwinkle on the bottom.. I'll have to go with the rest, swatch it.

Bravo for the frugalness ;)


Wow, you have sophisticated people commenting here - I guess you should swatch, but on gut, I go with periwinkle on top.

And...how do you like the Koigu? I *love* the colors that you chose. Can't wait to see how it turns out knit up!

Have a fantastic Friday!


I love the contrast, it really works. And yes the Koigu is to die for. Socks are divine with this yarn. By the way what colorway is your Koigu, it's beautiful.....?


lovely purchases. loooove the koigu.


I love those colours together - hope it swatches up well. In an amazing co-incidence I grabbed that Lace book from the library yesterday - I love it because of the New Zealand connection, she has been inspired in designs by lots of our native plants.


You have to give us a book review when you're done. "Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls" by Martha Waterman is also great for designing, if you need another resource.

Koigu is lovely. It's gotten so much play in blogland over the last year that I shy from it sometimes, but the fact is that it is up to the hype. It's a beautiful yarn with gorgeous colors.

The Crusoe socks are gorgeous, but it will be interesting to see how they wear - I'm still unsure of whether stranding a sock has enough functional merit or not. You know me - I'll let you know for sure.

LYS vs. internet? I do both. It is invaluable to me to have the LYS experience, so unless I think a store's prices are outrageous, if I like them I support them. (And mine is not a paltry support!) But I still surf for a bargain or a hard to find yarn or color. If you have to special order always go to the internet instead for instant gratification.

Finally, from the pictures I really like the Noro/Bliss combo. In an uncharacteristic move, I'd vote Bliss on bottom.



P.S. and apparently there is no need to suggest that you swatch!


I can't even read your post well enough - your beautiful yarn shots distract me. How do you like the Koigu? Look like you'll be stashing more of it? It is nice stuff - once I was able to buy some on sale online(about $7) and I clicked so hard and fast and worried that I'd get an email saying it was sold out - I like it so much....keep us updated on the yarn projects!


I'm also thinking about knitting Gloria in the nearish future and having the same conumdrum about the contrast of colors between the debbie bliss and noro. I love that periwinkle color you chose...Looking forward to seeing your progress :)

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