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January 12, 2005



Your clapotis looks BEAUTIFUL! And I just LOVE Bloglines... It is the best.


Ha ha! I have done unto others what they have done unto me (inspired to buy yarn, start more projects, want to knit all day long!) I LOVE that color of kid classic - it was my second choice, but decided that since everything else in my closet is already blue or purple, I would venture out and try something new.

Your clapotis looks pretty!


wow, what gorgeous stitch markers! wow!

i love the colorway of your clapotis. quite a beautiful blend you have there!

and hooray for you and ebay! i go there and never know what to look up. if i say "yarn," i get an overflowing response, which isn't bad, but is rather time consuming. i guess i should type in a specific type or brand name - maybe that's the trick.

bloglines . . . i couldn't get it to work for my blog for months until i discovered what i'd been doing wrong. it's the 2nd stop for me on the web - email's #1. it really is a blogger's best friend!



The Clapotis is coming along nicely! I peeked in your gallery and oohed and ahhed over your lovely knits.

I am working on the feather and fan scarf from Scarf Style and wanted to ask you about finishing. Did you require much blocking in the end? Last night when I laid out the scarf (I'm using the yarn in the book per the recipient's request) I noticed that the edges are a little rough looking and it looks like my gauge varies slightly throughout the scarf. I've never encountered these specific problems, so perhaps it is my inexperience with the mohair. Anyway, yours turned out so beautifully I thought I would ask you if your version in the beautiful La Boheme required much, if any, blocking, and whether your slipped the last stitch to get a nice smooth edge.

Lovely site! I can't wait to see more updates.


Clapotis is beautiful! I love the stitch markers, welcome to the club. The new yarn is gorgeous and Fern will be beautiful.

Congrats on bloglines. I love it and managed to jam it into my blog not to long ago. Makes it so much easier to share your favorites with everyone else and not worry about url changes.

Beautiful work as always.

Jen M

I am so impressed with your stitch markers! You have inspired me to maybe make some myself - do the rings come ready-made at the craft store, or do you make them from wire? Beautiful!


clapotis looks great. your markers are fantastic! and your yarn colors make to want to head to my lys.


I must learn to make the ststch markers. They are just beautiful! Calpotis is looking great - what super colors. And those KSH colors - yummmm

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