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January 09, 2005



Yay! It fits you perfectly. Great job.


Looks great! Quite beautiful on you and you should feel proud wearing it.


beautiful! wonderful colors!


Super! Looks like a great snuggly sweater...I want one!


what a happy sweater pose! i love it! it looks awesome on you. all of that hard work paid off, indeed!

i think that convo you had with the lys lady is really interesting. i bet it turns a lot of new knitters off when they find out that their sweater looks different than the one on the picture on the pattern. our lys used to have a finishing class, but they haven't had it in at least a year, although it would probably keep many a customer if they knew it would help them turn their sweaters into what they wanted!

that's cool about the compliment you received. go you!


OOoooo... Ilove! I have always been attracted to Point 5, but scared of the bulkiness. You've inspired me to rethink. Especially now that I know what I'm doing *a little* more, I think I could make some changes like you say.

What a great compliment!


It's GORGEOUS! And very flattering on you, too!


Very pretty and cosy!


What a beautiful sweater and it looks so nice on. Thank you for the giggle in your previous post about its construction. The results look like it was all worth it.


Wonderful picture! Your face looks so happy--and it should! Your sweater is amazing. I am in love with this colorway too.

What a nice compliment that you received from the lady at the store :)

Have a great evening!


How did I miss you in the sweater!?
Great job! : )

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