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January 31, 2005



Ooooh, they are so cute! I love the self-patterning sock yarns! Good luck with all those closets - I'm doing my yarn closet, and I keep telling myself (as everything is spilling out into the hallway) - it has to get messier before it gets cleaner.


How great that, even with yarn you wouldn't have minded messing up with, they came out great! Ar eyou hooked yet?


Wow, great first socks and very nice matching job! I know some people don't think it's important, but I like to go the extra mile or two getting them to match.


Congrats on the first socks. Excellent job on getting them to match! Super congrats on the ability to bend that way and pose for the picture. That must be a relief.

BTW, has the HMO yay'ed or nay'ed the treatment?

Nice to see the priorities are straight ;) Socks over closet mess! So when do you cast on the second pair?


Whoa, just found your blog. GORGEOUS projects. Your gallery is beautiful. Such wonderful yarns and adorable children to boot! Great job on your first pair of socks.


wow!!! i'm so amazed by your socks. you worked so hard on lining up the colors, and they turned out perfectly matched. very very nice!

i agree with karen - your blog is awesome. it's really an inspiration to me!


Love those socks. What a beautiful job. I've got to tell you that the care that you took lining up the stripes soothes my little perfectionistic soul.

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