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January 21, 2005



Nancy - sad news about Rogue. Don't put it in the stash closet! It is too pretty to be given up on. :) I like your idea about not widening - it will give it sort of a bell-shape, right? That would be original, pretty and you can call it your design element. Oh, and why oh why did you remind me of Birch? Mine's languishing in a basket high on a kitchen shelf...poor Birch.


i cannot tell you how much i enjoyed dropping those stitches!


hey there. i'm sorry about rogue. it looks gorgeous, though. you're such a smart knitter, i know you'll come up with something to fix up the size issue. (me? i'd consider it an excuse to eat more :D ) hang in there - i'll cheerlead for ya! go n! go n!

clapotis looks lovely! that kinda rhymes :) no wonder people walk across the room to check it out!

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