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January 14, 2005



Cozy looks beautiful. Great job! You must tell me how you make the stitch markers. I need to do that!

Totally understand about the yarn diet. I am trying to stick to one, but it's not working out as well as I would like!


mmm, that regia looks so yummy! i don't think i would've been able to turn that down if i'd seen it, either, yarn diet or no yarn diet!

your stitching on cozy looks fabulous!


Cozy is looking beautiful!

I hear you on the yarn diet. I confess, I blew my diet again today. I ordered some of the Peruvian Highland yarn that Knitpicks has added. I want to compare it to the Elann. Believe it or not, it is half the price of the already bargain Elann version. Oh and I needed to get a book while I was shopping there too ;)

Can't blame you, the sock yarn is very appealing. I have to go see what I can get with a 50% off coupon at Joann.com ;)


I love your Cozy.. and I love it in red! I also love your Point 5 sweater... and well... your stash makes me jealous!


I must get Cozy back out of hididng - I forgot all about her. Your is looking great. Yarn diet - 2 words that just should NOT be spoken in the same sentence!! :)


It looks GORGEOUS!

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