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January 17, 2005



Ooooh, red and blue - I love the colors of your Clapotis. Don't worry too much about the skein differences; when you wear Clapotis slung around your neck, you definitely won't be able to tell the difference. Looking forward to seeing how those dropped stitches work out - Kate Gilbert is an amazing designer, and no matter how nervous and scared I get, her patterns always work out perfectly as long as you follow exactly what she says!


i think it looks lovely! i can see the color change, but my thought was that, along with your ladder hiding it idea, it looks like you intentionally put in a "saturation effect" - and it's really cool! gorgeous work, and gorgeous colors!

your stitch markers are lovely! my dd and i spent a while making some yesterday. they're addictive! have a wonderful day!


I didn't notice the difference in the colors until you pointed it out. I think it will look fine.

Also, beaded markers are beautiful! I will have to get around to making some. Thanks for the advice on how to do them.


Clapotis is coming out very nicely. I agree with the others, I wouldn't worry about the difference in colors. Thank you for the visualization of how the piece works out. I haven't started mine, but you saved me hours of curiousity!

The stitch markers are beautiful.

Congratulations on the new focusing camera. Which one did you get?

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