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January 28, 2005



Looking good! I need to make a clapotis too. Just have to find the time to fit it in. I love the colors of the noro together. Compliments each other nicely. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the WIP soon....


wow, your clapotis looks awesome. i really can't wait to see it all finished up! your noro colors together are beautiful! you sure are starting off 2005 with some gorgeous things!

Beth S.

Its a race -- will you finish your Clapotis before or after me? (Hey, a rhyme!) I'm laughing here, because I purchased some Artyarns on ebay, THINKING it would be my light, springy, pinky-colored version of Clapotis, and when it arrived I saw it was much redder/browner than I had expected. It is color #111. Is that the same color yours is? Very pretty -- but still not what I expected. Maybe this will be a gift for my somebody....


Oh that Noro is gorgeous and that's quite the little stash. They look beautiful together. I love the Silk Garden though I've never worked with it, I've seen some really beautiful finished items.

Clapotis looks beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.


Oooh, what fantastic colors of Noro you have! Can't wait to see them turn into something you can model for us. :)

Beth S.

I finished Clapotis! Well, I finished the knitting part. I'm still pulling down all those rows of stitches. (And I got a creepy feeling that I MIGHT have missed one of the drop stitches... how to remedy that?) Will post pics later today on She Loves to Knit...

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