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December 28, 2004



Only 5 inches of rain? I feel constantly soggy up here in Connecticut. If it's not rain, it's the snow.


Those photos of your green garden look so inviting to this chilly Bostonian....

Those Bauer pots are great, very unusual.

How do you like knitting with the Silky Wool? Love the colorway! I made a tank with it last spring and can't wait to do another one this year.


Hey - I recognize that train! *grin*
The Lavold Silky wool is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished sweater. Emily's poncho is adorable - looks like it's going to be fun for her to wear, too.


oh, i love the mosaic poncho! it's gorgeous! boy does that green & grassy area look peaceful and alive. it kind of helps me get past the winter blahs just to look at it!

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