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December 31, 2004



Darn you and reminding me of the stitch n bitch book and the big sack sweater! I just snuck in under the NY Resolution Diet and ordered yarn for it. I got the peruvian highland chunky in a wine color and some in a dark indigo that might just be another banff.

You'll love the bryspun needles. I have a set of dpns that I knit the glovens on. I just love them. They are just wonderful to use and I wish I had more.

Have a very happy new year!


how i love all of your projects! but what struck me the most is the matriarch agenda. i think i'll use it myself. just saying it wields some sort of power that i knew i had, anyway, but was nearly impossible to express. i mean, you tell me which sounds better:

i'm a mom with power (sounds like it's begging to be noticed)
i'm a matriarch (that says it all. if i had a moustache i'd stroke one end after i said it. thank God i don't have one)

happy new year!


i really want to knit that sack sweater now. i forgot all about it. i need to look at the patterns i have too. i was just thinking about that the other day. love what you have lined up for the new year! wish you all the best in 2005!


oooh, drat. More books I need! That sweater in Mindful Knitting is to die for... congrats on your lovely yarn purchase! I love ebay too. Happy New year!


I love my Big Sack!

That color of Yorkshire chunky is awesome. I have started a Fern from the latest Rowan mag in a similar color of Kid Classic - oh so soft and pretty!

You've got lots of great projects going!


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