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December 15, 2004



I can't believe your cat almost threw up on your shawl! It looks so pretty all blocked out. I love the slightly varigated look of it - I can't remember what yarn you were using but it looks just lovely. I love your new angora too - can't wait to see that in action!



Very pretty. :)


Stunning!! Mine is getting closer to the finish line, and I was petrified about blocking before I read your entry, and now I am confirmed in my worries! Ahhh!

The shawl looks perfect! I know when I block mine, those mistakes I made early on will really start to pop out. Oh well, still learning that's for sure.

Are suggestions for blocking listed on the label?

Bonny Choy

I love it, it's so pretty, can you email me the knitting pattern?

Thanks a lot.


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