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March 06, 2005



Thanks for the uplifting post. Your voice comes through very positive - despite how anxious you must feel. I hope it all goes well for you - you'll have that *very* well organised craft space to look forward to foraging about in. Lucky you on the Tudor Roses book!


Nancy - Good luck in surgery - I wish you the very very best and quickest recovery possible. And with that a-m-a-z-i-n-g craft space, clapotis, and cotton socks to come home to, you have a lot to look forward to! Tell the doctors I said to be nice to you. :)


Goood thoughts heading your way - lots of quiet healing time. Enjoy having your mother there to help out!!


I want to wish you the best with your surgery...I love reading your blog and seeing what your up to...my prayers will be with you.


Your fiber corner looks great. Hey, I have a fiber box and a couple of drawers--I'd kill for a corner :-).


All the best with your surgery this morning - I hope it goes smoothly and that you have a speedy recovery. I'll be looking forward to seeing you online once you're on your feet again!


Sending up prayers and good thoughts for your surgery and healing.

As for the Esprit - I love it. I have very sensitive feet (remember the old knitted slippers where you could feel every stitch? Ouch.) I knitted the first pair for someone else, then the next pair for myself. I was amazed at how comfortable they are. I used size 3 addi turbos and still the stitch definition is tight enough that it feels smooth to the bottom of my feet.


Well wishes on your surgery and a speedy recovery!

I love your craft space. It's so organized.

Take care!


hey nancy! i'm thinking of you and hope that everything goes smoothly for you, and that you have no discomfort! i'm sorry you've been in so much pain. having recently been through something similar, i empathize with the inability to sit and knit. *hug* hang in there! look forward to a refreshing springtime with no pain!

i love your reddish orange wall :)


My thoughts are with you for the back surgery and the recovery!! My back is really hurting today and I'm thinking I haven't noticed this week b/c I've been on the pain relievers for my tooth!! Um, your craft space. WOW. Can I move in?? ^_~


Hope all goes well! Nice orchid choices.. if orchids were more like the acrylic of the yarn world I'd have too many.


Good luck with your surgery, I'll be sending positive thoughts your way. You have inspired me with your lovely, clean craft room, it's beautiful!


Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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